Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adoption Day! May 9th we adopted Jacob, Andrew, Lydia and Benjamin. It was a busy day. We had to go to McDonald's (part of the tradition), then the court, where the judge gave all the kids a stuffed animal and mom and dad big candy bars. Then, it was on to the baptism of Jonathan and Jacob so that we could all attend the temple later that evening. This was followed by, a cake and ice cream party with friends at our home afterward. It was a busy day with our last guests leaving at 11:30pm. Aleceeya wasn't able to attend this day but we thought of her often and talked to her later on. By the way, she is progressing n her program and she wants to be home by the time school starts...we'll see. Meanwhile, this is the all of the kids now...officially Thill's.
This is our family on "Good Things Utah". It is a local talk show. I think I was the most excited delcalring," i can't believe i am sitting at this table with you guys!" whatever happened to play it cool?
Josh, Kodey, Ben and Zach co hosting the evening news. Just kidding...but they look good don't they?
This was the falg made up from local elementary schools including ours. This was the 2008 Hope of America pageant.
These are our three performers. Zach in 1st grade, Jonathan, Nathan and Andrew in 2nd grade. they had just got done performing in the Hope of America. What a great group of kids we have.
Jonathan and Jacob getting ready to be baptized by their Dad on Friday May 9. It was a busy day for us.
Katie Grace and her best friend Eliza. Can you believe they are the same age? Katie plays at Eliza's house every Tuesday and Eliza comes to our house on Thursday's.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well, here we are at the Rockin R Ranch in Antimony, Utah! We had a fantastic time!
The limo ride with police escort to the "Reveal"! Yes! we all fit!
The little girl's room
The new outside! Can you believe it?!!
The new dining room and table. It still brings tears to my eyes to sit here every night. Our family loves it!