Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally, Some pictures...


Kodey and THE DATE

Aleceeya and HER DATE

A Mom and her girls

A dad and his princesses




Happy 6th birthday to Benjamin
Yes, Kodey and Aleceeya were both asked to homecoming and they looked fabulous. However, the computer with the right software has a horrible virus! Yuck! we are working on getting it fixed. So, pictures will soon follow.
John and I are off to California next week (Oct 8-11). Our wonderful friends will be watching our kids for us. Next year Kodey can do that by herself. We have a wedding to attend at the San Diego temple and two days at Disneyland planned. We will also visit Santa Monica pier and Malibu beach. I am so excited. John and I have never done something like this before. I mean, Disneyland, without the kids??? We are also flying which is saving a ton of time and money.
Now, I just have to finish getting everything ready here. That is no samll feat but, I don't want anyone to work to hard here. It is tough enough taking care of 15 kids but meals too? People keep commenting on our "second honeymoon"...sorry everyone, we never had a first honeymoon. Things have been a hopping in the Thill home. I had the opportunity to sub for 2nd grad and kindergarten so far this year. I have 2 more sub jobs for kindergarten in October. I love subbing and really enjoy the teachers I work with and the kids. School is cruising right along too. I am taking my science final on Monday then, just a few tasks to complete. I will have finished all 13 credits for this term. Next term, hoping to complete 24 credits. Let's all hope and pray that Math isn't as hard as I think it is going to be.
John is still working at the Utah Foster Care Foundation. He absolutely loves his job and we have been able to help at some training classes every once in awhile. That is so cool. He is still the Elder's Quoroum President and finds so much joy in working with the men in our ward. He is such an amazing man! very involved in our family life (which we love!), especially after so many years of not being around often. He really helps our family run smoothly and we love seeing him as often as possible.
Our kids are all doing so well. Josh is getting ready for his 2nd year on the wrestling team. He really wants a varsity slot. He is finishing up his Eagle Scout papeerwork, tonight. Kodey is getting ready for ACT's and UBSCT testing. Our teenagers have all qualified for a fantastic scholarship and between that and their pell grant will totally be set for college.
Our scout boys are really working hard too. Jacob earned 9 pins and his Webelos badge, Nathan his bear, Andrew his wolf, and all 5 boys earned a family camping, hutchings museum, this is the place, hogle zoo and a BSA family scouting badge. They love scouts and are working hard (it helps that I am a den leader). They are all looking forward to starting wrestling this fall.
The girls are having a good time being girls. They are an active group and love doing hair, nails and playing house. They are doing well in school and at home
Our 3 youngest keep us busy. Kindergarten is going great and preschool is too. Katie is a little stubborn but I think stubborn is good sometimes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here we go again...

Well, I have been so busy with school work (mine) and the kids' that I have let this one go to to the back burner. We haven't been doing much around here except for school and therapy. we did make a trip to Idaho and i do have some pictures of rock wall climbing, swimming, and just hanging out (thanks Hiler's it was fantastic).
Currently, I am finishing up Halloween costumes (thanks Britta), learning to sew an apron (thanks Sue), and trying to take a final in Science. John and I are heading to California, thanks to a wedding and decided that we would make it a little mini vacation. We are going to have so much fun! I can't wait.
Meanwhile we are deep in the trenches of tantrums. I am hoping this will be the last week for awhile but I am sure that is wishful thinking. the thing about tantrums and traumatized children is when one tantrums, the others follow as a result of their "stuff" being brought back up. It has been a fun week here. If John and I can continue to maintain we will weather this one great too.
My new blog is up and running witha few posts. that has taken me awhile. there is still more to do but I don't have time to sit and do them all at once.
Our chickens are laying all of their eggs now. It is still eggciting to gather the eggs everyday. John just "harvested" a few rabbits and they are ready for a nice stew. YUM!
So, I guess things here are just plugging along. Katie went to pre-school today (the first day) and she was thrilled. I was by myself this morning and managed to get the grocery shopping done and unloaded before I had to pick up my kindergarteners from school. I have my first sub job on Thursday and I am looking forward to that. It will be nice to get back in the swing of things again.
Well, on to laundry and starting dinner. I also have to finish putting groceries away. Thne, maybe I can squeeze in a quick nap.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New Blog

I started a new blog called "Common cents with 17". It will be a work in progress so make sure you check back often as there are so many things I want to put on it. It will have to take a back burner to life but I know I can get it where I want it eventually.
We are on our way to Idaho tomorrow for the holiday weekend. That should be lots of fun. I am trying to get so much done but, i am getting sucked into the computer. I need to just go do the needed things. I go!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Senior pictures

I just had Kodey's senior pictures done and they are beautiful...thanks Britta! I just cried as I looked at them. It is so hard for me to believe that Kodey is graduating this year. I remember as a young mom with toddlers that that stage would never pass and it would be forever until they graduated. Well, forever has arrived and faster than I would have liked. I have been having little glimpses of what life will be like without my older children home and I am not sure I like it. It must be hard for all parents to look at their now grown up babies and realize that you won't see that beautiful smile or hear that laughter every day anymore. You begin to enjoy the teasing among siblings ( a little bit more) and realize that it will all be changing soon. Of course, with those realizations also comes one that you have grown older as well.
where does the time go? I still have a pre schooler at home and 2 kindergarteners and I have been enjoying the time I have with them all the more knowing how fast they will be gone, starting their own life. Some kind soul told me that I could be a grandma in just a few years. well, let's hold that thought for awhile (please!).
We should all have the opportunity to realize how precious life is and how soon those beautiful children are grown and moving on. I think it has been harder for me than her, which is how it should be. No longer does she long for the days of independence but wants to be young again and not leave her family. She is already talking about getting an apartment and having her little sisters over for a sleepover and how fun that will be.
Time is a tough taskmistress and I for one and glad for the opportunity of reflection and gratitude for being privileged to be the mother to such amazing children who are full of lve and a desire to be better. I have been truly blessed to have this beautiful angel in my life and realize the Lord's hand in my life.