Sunday, March 15, 2009

We had such a great week...

Utah State Capitol Building
The beautiful Salt Lake Valley.

Ensign Peak

The waterfall shower in our hotel room

Do you love our tree house bed?

Complimentary breakfast in bed

The Swiss Family Robinson room
At the anniversary Inn

Waterfall shower

Zach getting baptized


Can you believe how big he is?

Peter Brienholt

John and I speaking at the Heart2Home
Fundraiser at the Joseph Smith Memorial
Building in Salt Lake City
Nice company, wonderful food, beautiful view

A Night Out without kids

It was another whirlwind week with John and I getting the opportunity to speak at the Heart2Home Fundraiser. I always have a hard time speaking in public but I did survive it. We followed that up with Zachary's baptism. Hard to believe taht boy is 8! He is doing great the ADHD medicine is working just like it should be and he does so well.
After asll of that, John and I decided to get away for one night. We went to two different temples. Got massages and pedicures from the Brickhouse Day Spa then, it was on to the Anniversary Inn Swiss family Robinson room. We had a great time but truly missed our kids so much. We still have the baby, Taedin. We should be hearing soon about what DCFS' plans are for him. We know what our plans would be if we had the choice. He sure is a cute baby. And so happy! Well, I have committed myself to getting this blog update today so here it is. We hope you are all doing well and love keeping up on your blogs.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a weekend looks like for the Thill's...

Zach and Nathan doing the flag ceremony at the blue and gold banquet
Happy 7th Birthday to Lydia

Thank you Grandma for the cool tinkerbell toy

Decorating Valentine's cookies

The Hill Family Makeover that we went to help on

Katie and Kodey taping off for the painters

John being interviewed for Fox 13 News

The kids covering the furniture with plastic to protect
it from the painters

Loading up boxes for Heart2Home
fpr the Hill Family Makeover

Josh and Jacob working on packing things away
on the first day of the 3 day makeover
SO, we have had a busy month. I have been really sick. We still have the baby and sadly John's uncle passed away. John and I are speaking tonight at the Heart2Home fundraiser at the Joseph Smith Memorial building in Salt Lake tonight. That should be fun I just hope everyone does well tonight at home. Tomorrow is SEP's for the elementary school kids (parent teacher conferences for those that don't know what SEP's are). Taedin has a visit tomorrow and John and I are doing the teacher dinner for SEP's. This is just a couple days in the life of the Thill's. I am one of the scout den leaders now and today would be my first activity with them but I am doing the SLC thing. Crazy times sometime. Well, I gotta make dinner before we leave and get ready to go. Thank you all for the comments you make. It makes me feel good knowing that people actually read my efforts.