Friday, May 29, 2009

what rotten luck...

I promise I do really have pictures but when you find out what happened you will forgive me. Well, the rush is over and so is school! This school year has flown by for me. Well, john and I finished our HCG diet. Tomorrow is the last day! yeah we made it! we will start again on 6 weeks to lose the rest of that icky fat! Well, I was in a hurry on Wednesday to get lots of things done before the kids were out of school. You know how it is! Anyway I was walking down the basement stairs and I thought I was at the bottom but...guess what? i wasn't! I did end up getting to the bottom rather quickly. i landed on the outside of my right foot and heard a nice "pop" noise. I have never had a sprain or a break so I didn't know what to do so I said, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!". I called John (crying loudly) and had to leave a message. I knew my friend, kenice, was helping at field day so I decided to just stand up or lay there forever. I got up and found it was sore but didn't hurt to bad. then, i continued on with what I was doing. By the time I got to the main floor again, I knew something wasn't right. I took of my sock and shoe and my ankle was huge and my foot was getting fatter. i ended up going to the doctor (thanks to my sweet daughter, Kodey, who drove me there) and I have torn a ligament or sprained it! the doctor gave me a lovely air cast and said i have to wear it for 2 weeks! Is he kidding...2 weeks?!! during summer vacation?! I have to many fun things to do with my kids! Well, the swelling is going down and I can put more and more pressure in it every day but today I did a little too much and is hurting tonight. I would like to clarify that this is our first sprain in the Thill house ever! Not bad when you think about it like that! So, we had only a picnic, pool party with popsicles, pizza/movie night today! No driving anywhere for a fun mini celebration! Oh well, this to shall pass but.......TWO WEEKS!?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

CRAZY MAY.......

I don't like just writing stuff and not posting pictures. I do have lots of pictures to post but am too lazy right now to download them. We have had a hard and busy May. We have had one person suspended, one playing with fire (or was that the same one?), 2 more therapy appts added, end of the year rush and a myriad of other things. I am beginning to realize how blessed I have been that we haven't had this kind of month in a long time.
I am registered to start at Western Governor's University June 1st. It is an accredited online college. Can't get much better than that! I got my hair cut in a cute "a line" style, to go with my weight loss of 22 pounds so far! I have 2 weeks to go on this cycle , then a 6 week break then on to round 2. I plan to lose 60 pounds and I am almost halfway there.
John has been wonderful in taking me to the movies lately. If any of you know John...he likes movies well enough but, can do without them. I on the other hand LOVE them and so he goes for me. We saw STAR TREK and it was great! I can't say enough about this movie and i am not even a trekkie! Today, we saw Terminator. It was a good action movie. I am excited for all of the summer movies this year!
I am still loving my cub scout calling, and all of the others as well. I am pretty excited because we are getting "new family search" soon! Can't wait! Temple work/ Genealogy is about to become easier!
Well, I have lots of things to do tonight still. Kodey is at a bonfire in the canyon and Josh is at a different party. Boy, these teens keep us hopping and up late at night. Kodey had her first interview today for Jamba Juice and was asked for a second interview. She is thrilled as this could be her first job! Remember YOUR excitement at your first job and all of the plans you made with the money BEFORE you ever got paid? Well, she's there too!
Hope you are all well. You are often in our thoughts and prayers!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Does the fun ever end?

This week, my parents came for a visit. Of course we had a myriad of things to accomplish like Teacher Appreciation week but, my parents were troopers and we had a great visit with them. Now, I only wish I could see them more often.

BYU and UNLV baseball Game. BYU won
Jacob was elected to throw out the first pitch at the game.

Our new furniture came for the downstairs.
We had a great sectional from the "Big Give"but,
I wanted something smaller so we could see the
fireplace and it made the room look alot bigger too.

We went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point
It was so beautiful but my Dad had his fill of flowers.

getting ready for the game to start.

Jonathan had his 9th birthday!

the Thill's and Grandparents having
dinner at Chuck O rama

Playing Tri-Bond

Kodey and Kevin on their way to prom

The dinosaur museum is always a big hit!

Rolling down the hill before going into the museum.
Great thinking Dad!

thanksgiving Points Farm Country
the girls pretending to be showgirls

The boys in jail!
Also during this week, our dear friend Vonna
came for a visit.
So, we survived another week. I have been playing catch-up
on lots of things. Mainly I have been trying to get enrolled at
Western Governor's University. I just have to take the "entrance exam"
tomorrow morning. YUCK! We are still doing the HCG diet and John has lost 21 pounds and I am at 17 pounds. we have about 20 more days to go.
The kids are all doing relatively well. we have some rough
patches because of Mother's Day (it reminds them that they
aren't with birth parents). we are still experiencing the after effects. We probably will
for a while. But, what can you do? well, back to work. the kids have
therapy and I need to get my act together for Scouts tomorrow.
hope you are all doing well. I can see by your blogs that you have busy lives as well. I remember my friends telling my that life would get more busy the older the kids became and I thought they were nuts. Let me assure you, they were completely accurate. Bye for now!