Monday, June 30, 2008

These are for Josh...aren't they pretty? rockin r ranch June 2008
Dropping Josh off for the summer. wow! 141/2 already? Excited and sad at the same time.
snow cones at Aspen Grove June 2008. What fun frontier night is!
Happy Father's Day, Dad! You have no idea what kind of paint mess we made trying to do handprints...but what fun!!! and you should've see Dad's face!!!
Our annual sidewalk chalk art show. The kids worked on their projects for at least an hour!
These are for you mom! someone once called this a mother's bouquet and I have to agree, there isn't anything as sweet as getting these beautiful mangled dandelions!
On to the big news! John is done working at Aspen Grove on July 6. He starts his new job at the Utah Foster Care Foundation on July 14, 2008! we are so happy as it will give us the family hours that we need. Aspen grove has been wonderful and we will all miss it terribly. Part 2 of the big news...John graduates on Aug 14/15 with his MPA (master's public administration) from Brigham Young University! That will truly be a blessing!