Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day fo School

Jacob...5th Grade already

Nathan in 4th

Jonathan in 4th

Andrew in 4th

Zachary in 3rd

Kloey in 2nd

Lydia in 2nd

Gallie in 2nd
Aleceeya a junior
kodey a senior

Josh a junior
ben in K

Joseph in K

Katie Grace in pre-K

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I just wanted to post today...

I have lots of pictures to go on here but no time to do that right now. I just wanted to talk about my frustration with racisim in elementary school. Wow! where do kids learn this stuff? Obviously, we have a very diverse family but to hear the things "non-white" children are called sickens my heart. To see my child's bewilderment and hurt at that kind of talk really truly saddens me. I have gone round and round about why people think they are superior based on skin color alone and I just have to say, I don't get it. I don't (and never will) understand how people can be like that.
But, as a mom I can honestly say that my ethnic children are no different from my biological children. I still feed them the same, they use the bathroom the same, and they are all smart, talented and truly lovely children. This kind of hatred, I am told, is something that we will have to live with. But, why? Why should my black child be pulled over and accused of doing something wrong, while a white child won't? Why does my child have to "tow a different line" than their siblings based on skin color?
I am frustrated and heartsick that my sweet boy, who has always lived with white parents, has to still experience this stupidity from uneducated people.
Now, when do we make a change? rather than assume that our children would never think like that I think we should make sure they are taught differently. I think that children have amazing insight and wonderful giving hearts and they may not see any differences between people until they are taught. Let us make a change so that our children are sure to view people as individuals rather than by the color of skin.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Okay, here is the run down on Josh's eagle project for those that would like to contribute. The project will be held on Saturday, Aug. 8 in Orem on 1200 N stake pavilion just west of Bonneville Elementary School. He is hosting a bake sale there to raise money for shipping costs. Meanwhile, the scouts will be picking up donations of various items from around the stake. any leftover money will be used to purchase items to fill the boxes. The boxes will be going to 1. My Nephew Chance who is currently serving in Iraq (to be distributed to various soldiers in his unit). 2. to a wonderful foster parent who is serving there as well. I am attaching his flyer:

Eagle Project
Collecting donations for the soldiers
They need the following-
Sun block, Lip balm, Diaper Wipes, Playing cards, Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Crossword puzzles, Feminine Hygiene Items, Baby powder, Foot powder, Baby wipes, Deodorant, Kleenex, Lotion, Mouthwash, Toilet paper, Q-tips, Pens, paper, envelopes, International phone card, Greeting cards, Hard Candy (NO Chocolate), Pre-packaged food products (No Pork), Drink mixes
If you are able to help, please place the items in a plastic bag and put it on your front porch. By 8 a.m. AUGUST 8TH
There will be a bake sale August 8th at the stake pavilion (1200 North) to raise money to ship the packages overseas.
Josh will be the very first Eagle Scout in both John's and my family and we are just so excited for him. FYI I have not had to do one thing for this project. Josh has completely organized, posted flyers, made posters and all of the other things by himself. (I did make 2 announcements at church for him). Josh also very nicely asked me to help organize and run the bake sale while he goes with the scouts to pick up the items.
If you can contribute in any way it woud be greatly appreciated.