Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Staycation...

In light of the economy this year we decided to have our first ever staycation. You guessed it we stayed home and did things around our home that we don't always have time to enjoy. We started out with making breakfast menus for the kids. The had the option of choosing their breakfast for the day. I tried to make it easy by asking if they wanted orange juice or milk, cinnamon roll or muffin, dippy eggs or scrambled, bacon or sausage that kind of thing. If we had pancakes they still were able to choose some of the pre-made sides. That was a huge success! they loved the options and it was easier for me because I froze the cinnamon rolls and made a big batch of muffin mix the week before. I think I am going to try something similiar when school starts.
Anyway, we had a great time. We put each days itinerary in a sealed envelope and then opened it when we were in the car so, each day was a complete surprise. As you might guess, some of our children had a very hard time with unplanned family time but, I believe they still need to be exposed to some "controlled" spotaneity. This teaches them that they are okay even when they don't know what is going to happen next. These pictures are backward ( one day I will figure out how to put them in order)... Day 4

This is what a dinner out looks like

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Museum

Katie trying to speak at President Hinckley's Pulpit

bunk Beds that the Pioneers slept on

Brand new Church History Library One month old

Touring welfare Square..I had no idea the church did so much humanitarian aid.
Day 3
Prizes from Trafalga...some lady plays the games and earns tickets all the time and when she saw our family, she gave each of the kids 1,000 tickets so they could have a stuffed animal.

We tried dippin dots for the first time they were good but there was a lot of them!
Joseph Playing on a game

XD Theater (4-D rides)

For those High School Musical is East Side High
Day 2...This Is The Place

A train ride for young and old

Rolling down the hill never gets boring for the kids

Dipping candles...they turned out cute

Happy 17th Birthday, Kodey! Unbelieveable! My little girl is 17!!! Singing happy birthday with Twinkie and Cupckaes as the cake.

Hogle Zoo...Ice cream for the group!
In 100 degree weather

the bears

The Giraffe's were entertaining!
Day 1
we have no pictures for...the camera died. we went to Pier 49 pizza and saw Monsters Vs. Aliens at the dollar theater.

Watch for day 5 and 6 coming soon.
So far a family of 16 - 1 (Josh is on a 50 mile hike this week) with all of these activities= about $170 vacation....about $10.50 a person! Now that's what I call a great vacation! Hmmm....I wonder if I can do it for cheaper next year? Let the planning begin...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Met Shawn Bradley today...

Shawn Bradley in the background

Travis Hansen

Zach loving basketball

At basketball camp. He is such a nice guy and stayed for a long time signing autographs and talking to people. He had his little kids there and I thought that was cool. Yesterday we met Ronnie Price from the Jazz. It was a fun camp. I am ready to sleep in a little though. Meanwhile, John and Josh are on a scout handcart trek. No pictures but, John said how hard it is and hot. I almost feel guilty having the a/c on. almost but not quite. Also, Kodey got her first job and is liking it. Tonight is her second day and tomorrow her third. Don't worry, I won't chronical every day of her job but I am excited for her.




jacob went too but having problems loading his picture for some strange reason

Shawn Bradley and the boys after he signed their shirts

Kodey! Kodey!

First day after Little Caesar's

Sunday, July 5, 2009

what did you do for the holiday weekend?

A coal Mine

Story time...we are reading A wrinkle in time

The view from our campsite

What would camping be without a fire?

and smores

A little dutch oven cornbread...

and stew for the 2nd night of camping.

Our campsite

canoeing took some of the day

fishing some more of the day.

Marshmallow gun wars were a great way to relieve any boredom.

The trout were jumping out of the lake...but Jacob caught this one. His first fish!

a little hike around the lake for the more daring of the group.

Our campsite is straight across this lake.

I loved the beautiful flowers

Fishing some more

Back home!

Made some tipsy pots..Thanks for the picture of yours Kristen.
All in all a great week. Some scrapes and dings on us and the kids. A little sunburn (on me). We had a fantastic time. Our friends the Howletts took us with them (as they do every someplace new). we just had fun and it was so relaxing. We had naps and time to read. We even had an outdoor movie night on the side of the trailer. What a vacation! I hope your holiday was as fun as ours....