Sunday, July 5, 2009

what did you do for the holiday weekend?

A coal Mine

Story time...we are reading A wrinkle in time

The view from our campsite

What would camping be without a fire?

and smores

A little dutch oven cornbread...

and stew for the 2nd night of camping.

Our campsite

canoeing took some of the day

fishing some more of the day.

Marshmallow gun wars were a great way to relieve any boredom.

The trout were jumping out of the lake...but Jacob caught this one. His first fish!

a little hike around the lake for the more daring of the group.

Our campsite is straight across this lake.

I loved the beautiful flowers

Fishing some more

Back home!

Made some tipsy pots..Thanks for the picture of yours Kristen.
All in all a great week. Some scrapes and dings on us and the kids. A little sunburn (on me). We had a fantastic time. Our friends the Howletts took us with them (as they do every someplace new). we just had fun and it was so relaxing. We had naps and time to read. We even had an outdoor movie night on the side of the trailer. What a vacation! I hope your holiday was as fun as ours....

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Linley and Austin said...

Wow, what a fun 4th of July! Looks like you had a great time :)