Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Could it be that October is here??

How do i express for my love for all things fall?
My wool socks that I LOVE
and occasional fire in the fireplace
crunchy leaves
cool morning weather
crisp smell in the air
pumpkin pie
hot chocolate (when it is still fun and not a necessity)
warm baked bread (wait I love that all year)
cinnamon rolls
Fall decorations
giggling kids
I truly love this time of year. There is a freshness and rejuvenation I feel every fall time. This is the time I was made for. the cool weather..ummm!
WooHoo for fall!
Now..on my continuing saga I made my goal and have lost 2 more pounds already. I started a challenge group that is committed to lose 20lbs by Christmas. i think that is doable. that will bring me within 20lbs of my goal weight. Sweet i say!
Now on to homework, dinner, scouts, activity days and volleyball practice
Did I mention I LOVE this time of year?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

So on the eve on my third weigh in with Weight Watchers I am feeling great! We had a fun weekend at aspen grove last week and I gained .5 for the week but this week I made my first goal! the cool thing is it has been relatively quick and painless. I just need to think ahead about what I want to eat and if we are eating out and make some simple adjustments. So, I started this weight loss at a whopping 195 lbs on my 5'2" frame. My goal is ultimately 140 pds. but, i felt setting this weight goal would be discouraging as it will take awhile to get there. So, I set a smaller goal of ten pounds. My goal actually was 185.3 and today I weighed in at 185. My official weigh in day is Monday but i feel good about getting there today. 10 pounds feels like a lot especially when you see pictures of what 10 pounds of fat look like...yuck!
The encouraging aspect is that I am not denied anything. I feel like I can have a burger but I have to adjust the rest of my eating. The thought process boils down to "yeah, I want that candy bar but i would rather have a frozen yogurt later on.
Last night I made a margarita pizza. I made my own thin crust put caned diced tomatos on top (instead of sauce) then fresh basil, oregano, parsley fresh tomato slices and slices of mozzarella cheese. It was so good. I ate three pieces and only used 6 points! Yummy!
With only 23 points a day it has been somewhat hard to not go over. I do have an extra 35 weekly points and some activity points I can use but I haven't had to yet.
I am a little worried about tonight. It is women's conference and they always have a light dinner with salads, rolls (yum) and dessert after. I will probably try and eat first and then I can be selective and NOT starving when I get there.
Besides that, we are all hanging in there. We are overwhelmed some days with the many things that are asked of us but we are hanging in there. people often ask, "how do you do it?" I am not sure exactly what they mean and feel stupid when asked. do what, exactly? we do it the same way you do just multiplied. It is hard and you need structure and some organization skills but for the most part it is relatively smooth sailing. Now, if you are talking about folding socks, I save that for once a week and have a treat and watch a movie :)
Life isn't perfect for anyone and we all struggle and thankfully our struggles are different. there are some that I don't want! Some don't seem too bad though. Maybe people look at my life and say the same about me and my life.
So in essence, I think life is great and I am glad that I am muddling through just don't ask how I do it because the truth is I don't. Heavenly Father does! I just make sure I am trying to do what He is asking of me so that i can be worthy of those blessings.

Monday, September 6, 2010

here I go Again!

I have decided to keep this blogging going. I have had my first weight watchers weigh in AND (drumroll) I have lost 6 pounds which is 4 pounds off of my very first goal! My very first goal is to lose 5% of my weight, for me that came to a 10 pound loss. I am well on my way to a healthier Cayce.
I am still finding weight watchers to be so fun! It is a challenge and I need to plan ahead on what I am going to eat for the day but it is fun to be accountable and know that i am going to have to answer to my tracking sheet.
we will see how fun it gets down the road but for now? I like it! i like that I finally get to eat normal foods. i don't have to make separate meals for the kids and for me. None of that here....I get to eat whatever but in small amounts and I just have to plan ahead a little.
Well, enough said about that.
We just bought the "Pass of all passes". We can go to the waterpark, and 2 mini golf/ activity parks for a whole year for $35.00 a person! It is still pretty expensive for a family our size but on Day 1, today, we already paid for the pass!! The rest of the year is all icing on the cake!
We also, just reserved our rental house by Disney Land for February! It is so exciting around here right now! SWEET!
well, enough said for tonight, I am not even sure any of this post makes sense..but, it does to me. Night!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


First Day of school

Bridal Veil Falls

Our Second Annual Birthday Carnival

Our new ride....The Bus!

August Fun at Raging Waters

This has been the longest time I haven't posted anything! If I could explain what my life has been like, I am sure you would understand why I haven't written.
So, school has started again and my kiddos are cute! kindergarten started on Wed and Katie is already an old pro at going to go and eating breakfast with the big kids. Josh and Aleceeya started their senior year! Kodey has just decided what she wants to be doing. she is going to learn massage therapy! She is quite excited about it and I have rarely seen her this motivated to find a new job and got o school. She has been out all day today driving around putting in her applications. i guess when they want it they do it! At least, I am not having to harp on her to do something. That? i like!
I also decided to chronicle this epic struggle I have had with my weight. I am going into my 40th year of life still (according to the charts) 70 pounds over my "ideal" body weight. I am not one to be gung ho on being "model" thin. But, I do want to be healthy and able to have some stress off of my body/joints and such!
So, weight have my number or should I say points? I was assigned my 24 points yesterday and i had already eaten that by lunch! now what? Today, I have done much better along with some planning ahead. I can have my Rolos this afternoon if I am conservative with my points! WAHOO! that is what I am liking most about this program right now. I can eat what I want but I need to monitor and count. I certainly can count (thanks Mom!).
Right now, I am just hungry. I have been very conservative of my points because i don't want to go over but I am thinking I can have a peach about now and some more water. that should hold me til dinner.
Meanwhile, we have a new little one, Abigail June (soon to be called). She just turned 4 on August 1. She has been here since our return from Michigan July 7. be watching for an upcoming temple date :) 5 months from now!
So, I am still going to school and john is still working for the Utah Foster Care Foundation! and absolutely LOVING it! Our life is a bunch of therapy appointments, schoolwork, housekeeping, movies (thanks to streaming Netflix), and now some fun with seven peaks pass of all passes! Trafalga, Seven Peaks, Unlimited basketball, Orem owlz games AND most important....Unlimited Laser TAG!!! SWEEET!!!!
Can't wait for the whole family to be laser tagging together...That sounds amazingly fun!!
Also, just rented a house in Anaheim for our every other year pilgrimage to Disney Land! I am so excited and it is months away still!
Well....That is enough info for now and guess what? I am not so hungry now so, maybe blogging is the key :)