Monday, September 6, 2010

here I go Again!

I have decided to keep this blogging going. I have had my first weight watchers weigh in AND (drumroll) I have lost 6 pounds which is 4 pounds off of my very first goal! My very first goal is to lose 5% of my weight, for me that came to a 10 pound loss. I am well on my way to a healthier Cayce.
I am still finding weight watchers to be so fun! It is a challenge and I need to plan ahead on what I am going to eat for the day but it is fun to be accountable and know that i am going to have to answer to my tracking sheet.
we will see how fun it gets down the road but for now? I like it! i like that I finally get to eat normal foods. i don't have to make separate meals for the kids and for me. None of that here....I get to eat whatever but in small amounts and I just have to plan ahead a little.
Well, enough said about that.
We just bought the "Pass of all passes". We can go to the waterpark, and 2 mini golf/ activity parks for a whole year for $35.00 a person! It is still pretty expensive for a family our size but on Day 1, today, we already paid for the pass!! The rest of the year is all icing on the cake!
We also, just reserved our rental house by Disney Land for February! It is so exciting around here right now! SWEET!
well, enough said for tonight, I am not even sure any of this post makes sense..but, it does to me. Night!

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Karen said...

And then you put pictures of yummy cinnamon rolls on the side of your blog, shame on you! Ha, good luck with the weight loss, it will be so worth it. Love ya!