Thursday, September 2, 2010


First Day of school

Bridal Veil Falls

Our Second Annual Birthday Carnival

Our new ride....The Bus!

August Fun at Raging Waters

This has been the longest time I haven't posted anything! If I could explain what my life has been like, I am sure you would understand why I haven't written.
So, school has started again and my kiddos are cute! kindergarten started on Wed and Katie is already an old pro at going to go and eating breakfast with the big kids. Josh and Aleceeya started their senior year! Kodey has just decided what she wants to be doing. she is going to learn massage therapy! She is quite excited about it and I have rarely seen her this motivated to find a new job and got o school. She has been out all day today driving around putting in her applications. i guess when they want it they do it! At least, I am not having to harp on her to do something. That? i like!
I also decided to chronicle this epic struggle I have had with my weight. I am going into my 40th year of life still (according to the charts) 70 pounds over my "ideal" body weight. I am not one to be gung ho on being "model" thin. But, I do want to be healthy and able to have some stress off of my body/joints and such!
So, weight have my number or should I say points? I was assigned my 24 points yesterday and i had already eaten that by lunch! now what? Today, I have done much better along with some planning ahead. I can have my Rolos this afternoon if I am conservative with my points! WAHOO! that is what I am liking most about this program right now. I can eat what I want but I need to monitor and count. I certainly can count (thanks Mom!).
Right now, I am just hungry. I have been very conservative of my points because i don't want to go over but I am thinking I can have a peach about now and some more water. that should hold me til dinner.
Meanwhile, we have a new little one, Abigail June (soon to be called). She just turned 4 on August 1. She has been here since our return from Michigan July 7. be watching for an upcoming temple date :) 5 months from now!
So, I am still going to school and john is still working for the Utah Foster Care Foundation! and absolutely LOVING it! Our life is a bunch of therapy appointments, schoolwork, housekeeping, movies (thanks to streaming Netflix), and now some fun with seven peaks pass of all passes! Trafalga, Seven Peaks, Unlimited basketball, Orem owlz games AND most important....Unlimited Laser TAG!!! SWEEET!!!!
Can't wait for the whole family to be laser tagging together...That sounds amazingly fun!!
Also, just rented a house in Anaheim for our every other year pilgrimage to Disney Land! I am so excited and it is months away still!
Well....That is enough info for now and guess what? I am not so hungry now so, maybe blogging is the key :)

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Stephanee said...

Love the pics. Sounds like the school year is starting well. I hope it continues that way. Congrats on the new addition.