Saturday, September 25, 2010

So on the eve on my third weigh in with Weight Watchers I am feeling great! We had a fun weekend at aspen grove last week and I gained .5 for the week but this week I made my first goal! the cool thing is it has been relatively quick and painless. I just need to think ahead about what I want to eat and if we are eating out and make some simple adjustments. So, I started this weight loss at a whopping 195 lbs on my 5'2" frame. My goal is ultimately 140 pds. but, i felt setting this weight goal would be discouraging as it will take awhile to get there. So, I set a smaller goal of ten pounds. My goal actually was 185.3 and today I weighed in at 185. My official weigh in day is Monday but i feel good about getting there today. 10 pounds feels like a lot especially when you see pictures of what 10 pounds of fat look like...yuck!
The encouraging aspect is that I am not denied anything. I feel like I can have a burger but I have to adjust the rest of my eating. The thought process boils down to "yeah, I want that candy bar but i would rather have a frozen yogurt later on.
Last night I made a margarita pizza. I made my own thin crust put caned diced tomatos on top (instead of sauce) then fresh basil, oregano, parsley fresh tomato slices and slices of mozzarella cheese. It was so good. I ate three pieces and only used 6 points! Yummy!
With only 23 points a day it has been somewhat hard to not go over. I do have an extra 35 weekly points and some activity points I can use but I haven't had to yet.
I am a little worried about tonight. It is women's conference and they always have a light dinner with salads, rolls (yum) and dessert after. I will probably try and eat first and then I can be selective and NOT starving when I get there.
Besides that, we are all hanging in there. We are overwhelmed some days with the many things that are asked of us but we are hanging in there. people often ask, "how do you do it?" I am not sure exactly what they mean and feel stupid when asked. do what, exactly? we do it the same way you do just multiplied. It is hard and you need structure and some organization skills but for the most part it is relatively smooth sailing. Now, if you are talking about folding socks, I save that for once a week and have a treat and watch a movie :)
Life isn't perfect for anyone and we all struggle and thankfully our struggles are different. there are some that I don't want! Some don't seem too bad though. Maybe people look at my life and say the same about me and my life.
So in essence, I think life is great and I am glad that I am muddling through just don't ask how I do it because the truth is I don't. Heavenly Father does! I just make sure I am trying to do what He is asking of me so that i can be worthy of those blessings.

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Ashlie Grow said...

way to go cayce! 10 lbs is awesome! being conscience of what you eat takes so much self control i feel like, but its such a great habit to get into. (my mouth is watering for some of that pizza! i might show up on your doorstep in a couple of minutes asking for some)

k and i agree that heavenly father sure steps in where us mothers leave off.... but also, you are wonderwomen! and have to be one of the most selfless people i know!