Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Could it be that October is here??

How do i express for my love for all things fall?
My wool socks that I LOVE
and occasional fire in the fireplace
crunchy leaves
cool morning weather
crisp smell in the air
pumpkin pie
hot chocolate (when it is still fun and not a necessity)
warm baked bread (wait I love that all year)
cinnamon rolls
Fall decorations
giggling kids
I truly love this time of year. There is a freshness and rejuvenation I feel every fall time. This is the time I was made for. the cool weather..ummm!
WooHoo for fall!
Now..on my continuing saga I made my goal and have lost 2 more pounds already. I started a challenge group that is committed to lose 20lbs by Christmas. i think that is doable. that will bring me within 20lbs of my goal weight. Sweet i say!
Now on to homework, dinner, scouts, activity days and volleyball practice
Did I mention I LOVE this time of year?

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