Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tragedy strikes

There have been so many things that happened on Thursday and Friday. Mainly a 13 yr old, Maddie Mecum, was struck by a car and killed by 13 yr old kassie. My heart has been so heavy thinking of both of their losses. It isn't easy on either side of that coin.
Then, Josh tells us his friend Brian had to go into the hospital and he is in the final stages of cancer and will not be leaving the hospital.
Finally, Friday morning we got a call that our dear friend, Craig Hiler, died in his sleep on Thursday at the age of 41.
Well, needless to say, our emotions have been all over the place. It is not easy when a friend your age dies. It has been very hard. It has also given me a renewed sense of awareness that life is short. Make each day count.
I know that we will see lots of friends and we will go through the motions of saying, that we will keep in touch. But, will we? We all have the desire to renew friendships but, we all have our own lives and they are busy. I think though, that I want to keep up with them all in a different way. My friends are important to me. By friends, I mean, anyone that has spent a significant time in my life. Not my FB "friends" that i haven't talked to in 20 years.
Friendships are very important. They buoy you up they give you great encouragement through trials and struggles you have.
so, in essence, talk to your friend today. renew those friendships that are important to you. Take the time even if you feel like you don't have any. A card that lets them know that you are thinking about them or a quick note.
I am grateful for all of my friends. How blessed I have been and continue to be as I have traveled through this life.

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Karen said...

So sorry to hear about your friends and neighbors. Life has a way of giving us a wake up call. Thanks for the reminder to stay connected. You guys rock and we miss you!