Saturday, October 16, 2010

Still trying to keep the blog rolling

Well, this has been an interesting week for me. I was able to see many "old" friends at the funeral of our friend, Craig Hiler. It has been really interesting as I have decided to contemplate what is important in my life. The answer? My family!! that is it. Don't get me wrong, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my religion and relationship with my Heavenly Father is VERY important to me but temporally nothing matters but FAMILY!
renewing acquaintances is always interesting. This time it was natural with NO awkwardness. Okay, the only "nerdy" part was me professing my love (embarrassingly over and over) for my friend Brian's wife Christina. This woman is a wonder and I truly admire her. I haven't even met her yet! she is one of those people that you want to be like. She makes me strive to be better.
Okay, so I probably should have stopped with my first fawning but talking to her husband (who is awesome as well) i thought "this is my opportunity to express how wonderful i think she is" well, enough said. I should have just stopped the first time.
Anyhoo, my family has been CRAZY! some of the kids are on meds. This means that sometimes these have to be adjusted. YUCK! It always takes a few days for the changes to take effect. that is the worst! Then, when you find the med isn't working right you have to wait for the new med and hope for the best. This is really challenging if you have one child on meds but try 7. We are in the process of getting the newer meds. I will be happy when they come. so, will my children.
Well, my volleyball team is seeded 3rd in the "league" YEAH! we play in our first tournament game on Thursday. I hope we do well. I am not ready for the season to be over yet.
This is just a big Blah! There are so many random things that have happened around here. the weight loss is still progressing. this week it won't have been too good but I am down 13 pounds since I started! that is good especially with the 2 weeks that I didn't do as well with. I keep telling myself that this weight loss will be permanent because it is coming off at the right rate. I signed up for the Christmas group that wants to lose 20 pds by Christmas. I am feeling optimistic about that.

School is moving right along as well. i have a final this week (statistics...YUCK!) and a final next week. i signed up for the first Praxis 1 test which is a 4 hour test in three areas. It was expensive at $165.00 (ouch!) Then, I have 6 months to finish 6 classes and be scheduled for the Praxis 2 and have a plethora of other things completed. I can fell my heart accelerate at the thought of getting all of this done by april. We shall see how it goes. At this rate, I will be student teaching in January 2012 and graduating in May 2012. after 20 years, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Well, that is my boring update! On me. The kids are struggling through the med changes and trying to enjoy the fall break. John is working hard. He split our winter wood today. WAHOO! We are having our fun fall barbecue today. That will be the end of the grill for a little bit. We do love to grill randomly in the winter but we grill A lot in the summer.
Okay, I had better go, the BYU v. TCU game is going on and I hear a sack just happened (ouch!).

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bcfamily said...

I don't know what you are talking about Cayce. You are the amazing woman. I can't imagine doing all the things you do and still remain sane. Anyways I just love the new family picture at the top of your blog. And I am happy to hear about your newest addition to your family. Brian showed me the video. She is adorable. I love how happy she is about being a Thill.