Monday, March 28, 2011

I have been thinking about positive thinking and can it really change your life? Can you really accomplish that which you think you can't do by saying that you can? i think the difference comes in your attitude. Did I ever think I could raise 15 kids? Ummm...NO! But here I am doing the impossible every day. Okay, maybe not impossible but the difficult and challenging and the most rewarding.
So, I reflect on the things that I have experienced in my life. Well, I often think that my attitude either helped or hurt what was happening. Positive thinking helps you to feel good about where you are but can you do better on a paper or succeed in the work place just by positive energy? I think people reward you differently just based on your attitude but does it make you more competent or just pleased with the results? do you know what I mean?
The end result is that I like to be around happy positive people. I don't like to be an Eeyore or hang around one. I want to be like a Tigger and hang around more Tigger's. I may not perform any better but I am sure happier.
So, what do I need to do to be better and improve more? The truth is change takes time. So find one thing and be better at it! My one thing this week? Engaging with my children more. I can do this and have fun doing it!