Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Criminal Minds and more

Do you ever find yourself hooked on a tv series and you can't figure out why you like it so much? well, that is me and criminal minds. It is so intriguing to me. I think it is the way they put all of the clues and profiles together. anyhoo, it sure keep me up watching all of the shows. My DVR will thank me when I am done recording all of the episodes.
So, I took my Praxis I test and passed! that is a test that will allow me to student teach. Now, i am doing my application to get into the program. It is a little nerve wracking but I am excited. I have to decide if I want to student teach or intern. There are pros and cons to both but I am very intrigued by the idea of interning.
My problem is, after 20 years of being at home, I am ready to be working a little. But, I still have a 4year old. That won't be easy but I am sure that i will work it out. I have never thought I could be someone that stays home when my kids are in school. Maybe I should be. Maybe I shouldn't. Who knows? what a predicament. I get what is most important in life but...I am not sure i can adequately express everything in a blog or even in person.
So, on to school work. The kids are doing well in school. They are finally starting to stop challenging the teacher as much. That is always good. This is the time of year that things start to settle down and they really start to work and bring up their grades. it is always interesting to me how the kids challenge in every new situation.
Many people say that there kids have done the same things as mine but I think unless you have older adoptive children it is hard for you to imagine the challenge they bring every day. It sure it worth it for those moments when they are just regular kids.
Just found out that we are adopting our little Abby in January! That is exciting! I always thought I would do foster care/adoption forever but the older I get the more tired I become. I never want to get to the point when my kids are being raised by other siblings because I am too tired. Maybe, my energy level will kick back in one day and I can do this again. For now? I am not sure. My plate is awfully full so, we shall hold those thoughts til a later date.