Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Anniversary

Nathan is so happy to get a tamagotchi from Grandma for his birthday
A day of fishing yields a yummy dinner.
Way to go Jonathan

Andrew has a great catch
Jacob caught a fish also.

Nathan thought fishing would be boring but by his expression I say he has changed his mind
Happy Birthday to 3 of our boys last week.
Nathan, Josh, Joseph

The cake

The girl's and their new Christmas dresses courtesy of an unknown benefactor.

Remember the joy of bubble wrap?

Pizza, movie night every Friday

Katie being Katie


Indiana Jones? No, just Joseph and his birthday present from Grandma

Well, today is our anniversary. 17 YEARS! That is so hard to believe. I don't feel any different from when we got married. Okay, maybe we have both matured a little bit. It is so fun for me to reflect on the changes we have been through and all of the adventures. Cause that is what our life has been, a fantastic adventure. Our goals changed over the years too. Originally we only wanted 2 kids. Look what happened! I have noticed that I wouldn't change a thing. John wouldn't either. All of the hard minutes brought us to this point and it is a great point to be at. I am also so excited for the holiday season. I haven't done a lot of shopping yet but, I work better under pressure... Well, that is all for now. I am going to finish getting everyone ready for church. I have already got dinner done and the rolls are rising. I love my family! I am so grateful for my life! I am so Thankful for a wonderful husband who loves me, forgives me, and supports me through everything.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday week....

Well, it is the week of birthday's here. Josh turned 15 on 11/11 and Nathan turned 9 today 11/13 and Joseph will be 5 on Wed. 11/19. John and I will also be celebrating our 17th anniversary on 11/23. I marvel at the changes a year can make in a person and a family. I love to reflect on my kids lives during their birthday. Josh is doing the wrestling thing this year. He has some HARD practices but is determined to do well and follow through. Nathan is just as great as ever. He is very thoughtful and empathetic of others. His naughty streak is coming right along too. Thankfully those are coming few and far between.
Joseph is developing into a cute young boy that just needs to be in the spotlight. He was laughing so cute yesterday as Ben was pulling him down the stairs by a rope and he was sliding and laughing all the while.
We have been very busy lately with lots of stuff. I have been subbing a few days each week which has added to the craziness. Most of the subbing is done during the day when the kids are gone but I feel like we are all on overload. We are so busy after school to bedtime and I haven't been sure how to fix that. We aren't doing a whole lot of "extras". It is just trying to get the homework done, dinner made, and therapy appointments. Anyway, I think it is just one of those really stressful weeks that has somehow stretched into 3 weeks.
Besides that we are doing well. We have been trying to have more one on one time with the kids and play more as a family. I think it is working as I heard John chasing the kids yesterday morning, growling and the kids scattering and laughing. Well, back to my full-time job. The boss doesn't pay me to blog....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mom and Dad or John and Cayce
celebrating 17 years of marriage
Katie Grace 3
Joseph Bradley 5

Benjamin Albert 5

Gallie Sue 6

Lydia Rebekah 6

Kloey Marie 6

Zachary Matthew 7

Andrew Lang 8

Jonathan Charles 8

Nathan Andrew 8

Jacob Adam 9

Aleceeya Rose 15
Joshua Micheal 15
Kodey Nicole 16
Well, family pictures are over for 2008. The pictures looked different in the studio and scanned even darker. They are great pictures though. We had a good time. Kodey has an electronic baby for the week and it cried through much of the picture taking (turns out her diaper was on wrong which resulted in her crying). OOPS! We are having a very fun and relaxing Saturday with only our pictures on the agenda. Ummmmmm, and some candy. We are looking forward to a movie in a few minutes.