Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mom and Dad or John and Cayce
celebrating 17 years of marriage
Katie Grace 3
Joseph Bradley 5

Benjamin Albert 5

Gallie Sue 6

Lydia Rebekah 6

Kloey Marie 6

Zachary Matthew 7

Andrew Lang 8

Jonathan Charles 8

Nathan Andrew 8

Jacob Adam 9

Aleceeya Rose 15
Joshua Micheal 15
Kodey Nicole 16
Well, family pictures are over for 2008. The pictures looked different in the studio and scanned even darker. They are great pictures though. We had a good time. Kodey has an electronic baby for the week and it cried through much of the picture taking (turns out her diaper was on wrong which resulted in her crying). OOPS! We are having a very fun and relaxing Saturday with only our pictures on the agenda. Ummmmmm, and some candy. We are looking forward to a movie in a few minutes.


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! is it to day?

Janan said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!! Happy Anniversary! You guys ROCK!! Tell Kodey to quit growing!!! And she isn't allowed to get married till she is 30 year old . . . I wish we could keep our kids little forever!!

Len and Karen said...

What a great and wonderful family you have formed. We love seeing the way you have grasped the vision the Lord had for you. What great looking kids, all of them. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

Rachelle said...

Those are such wonderful pictures! You really do have a great looking bunch!