Thursday, November 26, 2009


I know, you are astounded! A New Post!
Sometimes, life just gets in the way of what I want to do.

The 4th Annual Toilet Bowl Football Game
We play with a roll of modified toilet paper. Everyone can catch it and we have fun.
This is the month of birthday's
Our dog, Buddy turned 12!
Joseph turned 6 this month

The November Birthday Boys

Nathan turned 10

He also, earned his Eagle Scout!
So much has been going on. My term ends Nov. 30.
I failed my science test again! Oops!
I turned in 2, 10 page science papers.
With 2 powerpoint Presentations! I have passed 3 of the 4
I am just waiting for the results of paper #4 .
We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Not without some arguing and sadness
(such is the life of our children)
The toliet Bowl this year was a little chilly. We played later than usual.
everyone is plugging along.
Saw some really cool deals for Black Friday but, I refuse to go out
shopping for them. I should (cause I would save a ton but...)
All of the 3 teens are going to Sadie Hawkins Dance this year.
That is exciting for me. (Josh's first date)
Kodey is doing well work and school.
All of the kids had great reports from SEP's (parent teacher conferences)
They are all doing well.
That is about all for now. Hopefully, things will slow down
and I will be able to blog more often.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a couple of more things...

In between being busy with school, work, volleyball and other things, John and I managed a little trip that was fantastic. We had such a good time! then, it was back to work and the fun that comes with Halloween. I have been a little behind in posting. UGH! Life just got in the way a little bit. So here is the last month with the Thill's...
making haunted castles out of gingerbread...
Josh and the pie eating contest 2nd place, that's my boy!
Halloween 2009 Star Wars
A snack at the park
the Boyd's conveniently had their first baby while we were visiting

at my fave restaurant In-N-Out burger

the finding nemo ride at Disney

john was caught up in the action and he almost missed the ride I was waiting in line for

Taht's us in the back on Splash mountain

before the falls

the Magic kingdom

I have always wanted to visit this
just a beautiful shot

the huh?

Our footprints in the sand

the water was so warm

I can't believe I am really here

The San Diego temple

Darth Vader made out of legos

I love the teacups

me after some serious spinning in the teacups

John was having so much fun

the giant turkey leg, I lost John in the crowd and when I found him he was eating this

Peter pan ride

the sword and the stone

back left corner..Tower of terror

California adventure, fun ferris wheel (I can't stand ferris wheels and this one was very scary)

on the boardwalk at California adventure

Disney store
So, hopefully I am caught up for awhile. Now, the guilt won't be hanging over me. I am at the end of my school term and it is crunch time in getting things done. I have less than a week. we are having fun as a family and talking about our next trip to Disneyland in Feb 2011 with our friends. (the whole family this time).

well a couple of things

Welcome my little great-niece
Madden Grace Miller born Nov 9

Our volleyball team went to regional. After a hard fought game we lost but played amazingly well.