Friday, July 10, 2009

Met Shawn Bradley today...

Shawn Bradley in the background

Travis Hansen

Zach loving basketball

At basketball camp. He is such a nice guy and stayed for a long time signing autographs and talking to people. He had his little kids there and I thought that was cool. Yesterday we met Ronnie Price from the Jazz. It was a fun camp. I am ready to sleep in a little though. Meanwhile, John and Josh are on a scout handcart trek. No pictures but, John said how hard it is and hot. I almost feel guilty having the a/c on. almost but not quite. Also, Kodey got her first job and is liking it. Tonight is her second day and tomorrow her third. Don't worry, I won't chronical every day of her job but I am excited for her.




jacob went too but having problems loading his picture for some strange reason

Shawn Bradley and the boys after he signed their shirts

Kodey! Kodey!

First day after Little Caesar's


Whitaker Family said...

You guys are so cool! With him crouched down like that you can't tell that he is 7" tall! Cut pics of your boys.. Kodey is always cute ;)

Rodriguez Family said...

how fun for your boys, and I have to say that Kodey is the cutest pizza girl I have ever seen!