Monday, May 11, 2009

Does the fun ever end?

This week, my parents came for a visit. Of course we had a myriad of things to accomplish like Teacher Appreciation week but, my parents were troopers and we had a great visit with them. Now, I only wish I could see them more often.

BYU and UNLV baseball Game. BYU won
Jacob was elected to throw out the first pitch at the game.

Our new furniture came for the downstairs.
We had a great sectional from the "Big Give"but,
I wanted something smaller so we could see the
fireplace and it made the room look alot bigger too.

We went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point
It was so beautiful but my Dad had his fill of flowers.

getting ready for the game to start.

Jonathan had his 9th birthday!

the Thill's and Grandparents having
dinner at Chuck O rama

Playing Tri-Bond

Kodey and Kevin on their way to prom

The dinosaur museum is always a big hit!

Rolling down the hill before going into the museum.
Great thinking Dad!

thanksgiving Points Farm Country
the girls pretending to be showgirls

The boys in jail!
Also during this week, our dear friend Vonna
came for a visit.
So, we survived another week. I have been playing catch-up
on lots of things. Mainly I have been trying to get enrolled at
Western Governor's University. I just have to take the "entrance exam"
tomorrow morning. YUCK! We are still doing the HCG diet and John has lost 21 pounds and I am at 17 pounds. we have about 20 more days to go.
The kids are all doing relatively well. we have some rough
patches because of Mother's Day (it reminds them that they
aren't with birth parents). we are still experiencing the after effects. We probably will
for a while. But, what can you do? well, back to work. the kids have
therapy and I need to get my act together for Scouts tomorrow.
hope you are all doing well. I can see by your blogs that you have busy lives as well. I remember my friends telling my that life would get more busy the older the kids became and I thought they were nuts. Let me assure you, they were completely accurate. Bye for now!

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The Mendenhall's said...

All of that and you can think about going to school. All I can say is WHEW! You are amazing to say the least, never a dull moment in your home but so many memories you are making!