Saturday, April 25, 2009

WOW! So busy sometimes...

Kodey trying on her prom dress
Jacob turns 10

After the easter egg hunt

Nathan auditioning for the Timpanogas Storytelling Festival

Katie Grace turns 4

getting ready to go on an easter egg hunt in the rain

Easter Saturday...what were YOU doing that day?
After the Egg Hunt, all of our beautiful children

Meadow, Utah- the hot pots camping trip

Aleceeya's room makeover
Well, I keep thinking I will have all of this time when my kids go to school. The truth is, I am busier than ever! So, here is a few weeks worth of pictures. Katie, John, Jacob and Gallie have all had their birthday's. We have had a couple of foster children here for respite over the last few weeks. John took all of the boys plus Katie (she wouldn't even think of staying for a girls night) camping to Meadow at the hot pots. They had a great time and found a better camping spot than usual. (We love that!)
John and I decided to start the HCG diet. It is very efficient and we have lost 14 and 12 pounds in one week. We feel great and have even been able to resist birthday cake (that was hard for me) and pizza (John). We have one more birthday next week and about 6 more pizza nights til our program takes a break. We can do it though!
Meanwhile, we have a lot to look forward to in the coming week. We are taking the teenagers to Midway at the Zermatt Resort for the night Tuesday to Wednesday. John and I have a training and we decided to take the teens. My dear friend Vonna is coming to Utah and I will get to see her this week. Finally, my parents are coming on Friday for a week..ending on Saturday with the prom (for Kodey). That is all that is going on next week. I am trying to be better at blogging by doing it every week, like I used to but.....


Janan said...

I just can't get over Kodey! I hope John polishes his gun when her dates come to pick her up!! Goodness sakes! Nathan is so big too!! I will have to make it to Utah one of these days to visit and meet the rest of them! You two look at cute as ever!!!

The Mendenhall's said...

Loved the new photos, you never have a dull moment do you? Hey I would like to know about that HCG diet that you are on. Could you email it to me, I think I need a kick start, the summer clothes seemed to have gotten smaller while they were stored. I love the birthday pics and is Kody old enough for prom already, watch out for the boys!

Tyler and Kristen said...

I like the shoe zoo idea, Let me assure you, once I get a whole crew of my own, I'm comming to you for all your little idea's and advice. In fact, I think you should write a book(as if you arn't busy enough)and put all your great summer idea's stuff about parenting and life in general in it. seriously, think about it, I'd buy at leat 20 copies to give away.

Shipley Family said...

Hey gorgeous family. Kodey looks beautiful. The dress could even pass for a wedding dress. Watch out. You have such a busy life. It seems to be a happy life though.

Whitaker Family said...

Happy Birthday to Katie, Gali, Jacob, and John! Wow! I can't wait for the crash course to motherhood of 11 when I watch your kids this week... or maybe I can... :).

Tyler and Kristen said...

That's fantastic! You will have to let me know when you are finished with those, wow, way to go!

Jay said...

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