Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's new for us

I have been way behind in blogging and picture taking. So, you all get some talking. we have had a very busy March. we started with the baby, Taedin leaving our home. That was very hard and for the first two weeks he was gone he was doing horribly. It was very hard to hear the reports so we decided to start contacting people to get him back were he belongs. HERE! That didn't go over to well and we were told he is absolutely not moving again. That was sad and ahrd to deal with. I feel like I did push some buttons but it didn't change the situation any.
Then, we celebrated katie's 4th birthday. What fun that was. Especially, because she was so excited about it. We followed that up with John's birthday. The big 39! It was a wonderful Sunday birthday. He got up and made everyone omelets! Nobody makes an omelet like John, let me tell you. That was a real treat.
John and I started playing volleyball with our church ward. It has been fun but we stay out way too late playing.
I decided to become a Cluster Facilitator for the Utah Foster Care Foundation. That has been challenging trying to come up with ideas and finding and inviting everyone to the meetings. Our first one is in May (an ice cream social). I am still working hard on that and hope to be done with the hardest work by the end of the week.
we decided to do some respite care for a two month old baby for the last week. She leaves in the morning. That has been a joy to do. She has some great foster parents, it has been great getting to know that family a little.
Josh submitted his eagle Scout packet for approval. He is doing a donation (items that they need along with monetary) drive for It is an organization that provides things for soldier's serving in war zones. These are all things that will remind them of home and that they don't have ready access to. these items go to soldier's that don't recieve mail either. we are looking forward to providing this service. The best part is, Josh found the project and did all the paperwork by himself. We are so excited for him and his newfound dedication. This project is dear to us as we know many people who have served and are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not the least of which is my nephew, Chance, and my nephew-in-law, Greg(who will be leaving shortly).
Meanwhile, upcoming for the Thill's is:
Jacob's birthday/Easter on the 12th, Spring Break, Josh's Eagle Scout project, Gallie's birthday, a 2 day Cluster Facilitator training, Teacher Appreciation week and my parents coming for a visit with Jonathan's birthday rounding everything out on May 7. we sure have some busy times ahead.
That's about all fo rnow. Thank you all for your love and support of our family.


Tyler and Kristen said...

I just can not believe you! I have never met a more service oriented family. You are such an example to me. Wow, keep it going!

Olsen Family said...

Wow! You are seriously wonder mom! You and Kenice both amaze me! It's always fun to bump into you! I hope maybe sometime soon I won't be in such a hurry that we can visit.