Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Senior pictures

I just had Kodey's senior pictures done and they are beautiful...thanks Britta! I just cried as I looked at them. It is so hard for me to believe that Kodey is graduating this year. I remember as a young mom with toddlers that that stage would never pass and it would be forever until they graduated. Well, forever has arrived and faster than I would have liked. I have been having little glimpses of what life will be like without my older children home and I am not sure I like it. It must be hard for all parents to look at their now grown up babies and realize that you won't see that beautiful smile or hear that laughter every day anymore. You begin to enjoy the teasing among siblings ( a little bit more) and realize that it will all be changing soon. Of course, with those realizations also comes one that you have grown older as well.
where does the time go? I still have a pre schooler at home and 2 kindergarteners and I have been enjoying the time I have with them all the more knowing how fast they will be gone, starting their own life. Some kind soul told me that I could be a grandma in just a few years. well, let's hold that thought for awhile (please!).
We should all have the opportunity to realize how precious life is and how soon those beautiful children are grown and moving on. I think it has been harder for me than her, which is how it should be. No longer does she long for the days of independence but wants to be young again and not leave her family. She is already talking about getting an apartment and having her little sisters over for a sleepover and how fun that will be.
Time is a tough taskmistress and I for one and glad for the opportunity of reflection and gratitude for being privileged to be the mother to such amazing children who are full of lve and a desire to be better. I have been truly blessed to have this beautiful angel in my life and realize the Lord's hand in my life.


Becca said...

Cayce, that was beautifully written and so true! You even made me tear up a little reading that.:)It is crazy how fast they grow up. While it is fun to watch them grow and develop, it's hard too. Sometimes I just want to keep them little and dependent on me forever!

I LOVE the pictures of Kodey! She is beautiful and I can't believe that she is already a senior!

Janan said...

Kodey your pictures are gorgeous!! You have grown in a beautiful young woman! I can't believe it has been 9 years give or take since we sat in your parents living room giving you the discussions!! WOW!!!

I have one peice of advice, enjoy this time in your young life! Enjoy the freedom and lack of responsibility of worldy possessios you have! Soon, you will be responsible for all your own things and wish you had the freedom before!!

I have to come visit! Honestly, in my mind, everyone is still as they were in October 2000!! YIKES!!! You are an amazing family! I am so lucky to have gotten to know you all!!