Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here we go again...

Well, I have been so busy with school work (mine) and the kids' that I have let this one go to to the back burner. We haven't been doing much around here except for school and therapy. we did make a trip to Idaho and i do have some pictures of rock wall climbing, swimming, and just hanging out (thanks Hiler's it was fantastic).
Currently, I am finishing up Halloween costumes (thanks Britta), learning to sew an apron (thanks Sue), and trying to take a final in Science. John and I are heading to California, thanks to a wedding and decided that we would make it a little mini vacation. We are going to have so much fun! I can't wait.
Meanwhile we are deep in the trenches of tantrums. I am hoping this will be the last week for awhile but I am sure that is wishful thinking. the thing about tantrums and traumatized children is when one tantrums, the others follow as a result of their "stuff" being brought back up. It has been a fun week here. If John and I can continue to maintain we will weather this one great too.
My new blog is up and running witha few posts. that has taken me awhile. there is still more to do but I don't have time to sit and do them all at once.
Our chickens are laying all of their eggs now. It is still eggciting to gather the eggs everyday. John just "harvested" a few rabbits and they are ready for a nice stew. YUM!
So, I guess things here are just plugging along. Katie went to pre-school today (the first day) and she was thrilled. I was by myself this morning and managed to get the grocery shopping done and unloaded before I had to pick up my kindergarteners from school. I have my first sub job on Thursday and I am looking forward to that. It will be nice to get back in the swing of things again.
Well, on to laundry and starting dinner. I also have to finish putting groceries away. Thne, maybe I can squeeze in a quick nap.

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