Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well, today hasn't brought any significant changes in our day to day routine. On Monday, we started some new chores for the little kids, now if I could just get Katie to stop asking if she can do chores all day long. Tonight is youth night for Josh and Kodey. They really enjoy going and they are talking about missionary work. John has his usual set of meetings so it looks like it is me and the little ones. They go to bed about the time everyone leaves for their meetings so really it's just me. We suffered a power outage last night from 10pm-2am. It sure was cold. Good thing we have 2 woodburning stoves. We also discovered we need more flashlights and our gas oven works if we light everything manually. Good to know. John is working on campus today for a job fair trying to get students to plan on working at Aspen Grove during the summer. He really loves interacting with the kids on campus, I guess I can actually call them kids, now. That's about all for today, I am going to cut up some potatoes for "Hausenfeffer" forgive the spelling of rabbit stew. Good night


chance said...

HEY!!! just wanted to tell you all that i love you and miss you VERY much and i will be in NY for my next duty station...take care everyone!

Jeane said...

Every sounds like they are doing great! Thanks for the wonderful updates!