Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Well, it is tuesday. We are very busy. As usual though it seems like it is normal everyday things. I started substitute teaching recently but am too busy over the next few weeks to get it done. Meanwhile, our family is preparing to leave for a week on the trip from OBG. We will leave and come back to new and improved home. It is impossible for us to comprehend all that is going on right now. Grandma Sue is coming to stay with us during the next week, and we are all excited about that! The kids are doing well in school. They have friends and keep busy with soccer and going on playdates. John is doing well with school and he only has around 75 days until he his done with his Master's. Yippee! He also was made the Elder's quoroum president in Jan so he is keeping busy. That's about all for now.

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Dawn said...

John and Cayce: We have been following your story on the Big Give. We have been so excited and have told so many people. We were a little disappointed that on the web site we could not see all that they did for you so will you share that on your Blog please.

Cayce: I have been praying for the return home and that the house would also be ready for the birthday boy when you return. Were you able to get that pulled off and was he surprised and excited. That was so neat that with all going on you were concerned about his birthday. I've shared that with so many. What a MOM.

How was your trip to the ranch?

Uncle Dennis and I leave on a trip to Washington DC Thursday. Tax Season ends tonight!!!!! We go to a fancy rest. for dinner and sleep in tomorrow, pack to go and we are off on Thursday.

I am so looking forward to hearing about everything and will call when we get back.

God Bless and Love,
Aunt Dawn and Uncle Dennis