Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little this and that

After the tree was decorated
What handsome guys! John and Josh

The erosion table at Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum. We briefly had the table all to ourselves
Our finished work and a new Christmas tree.

Playing at the erosion table, the day before Thanksgiving
We had a surprise visitor...Papa John. He came and had Thanksgiving with us

Aleceeya at the dinosaur museum
November 26...the day our lives changed. Kodey got her driver's license and the keys to the Saturn
What a difference a few years make...Josh is a THS wrestler.
Looks impressive, Huh?
THE CAR! Nathan had an idea to build a car
and the whole family ended up getting involved.
It was fun to see his ideas work.
Well, that is all we have been doing. I have been subbing quite a bit but am taking a break until after the holidays. John has still been loving his job. Life has been pretty good. We have been pretty busy but who isn't this time of year? I am more than half way done with Christmas shopping just a few more surprises to go for the teens. I am thankful for this time of year. I have been reflecting this year that most of the other months have been about the same for us. I am thankful for that because it means that we haven't taken anything for granted. We have had fun for the entire year. Each day is a gift and a joy. Obviously, some days are harder than others but it all comes down to our attitudes and how we handle adversity and trials. I have learned many things this year but mostly I have learned about myself and the kind of person I have been, am now and the one I want to become. I can do this. I can change and be better. We all can. We should focus on paying attention to our needs once in a while so the "well doesn't run dry". Try today. Start now. Only you can change your life and decide to be better. Obviously, you can tell I have been having some great days. I love all that I have. Heavenly Father has blessed me beyond measure. I hope you all have a great week. Finish that christmas shopping with a fun, relaxed attitude. This is supposed to be a fun wonderful time of year and it's time we all take control and let the real meaning of the season come through rather than all of the other junk the world tries to foist upon us. Okay, Okay, I am done for now. Find your own joy this week.


Whitaker Family said...

Thanks, Cayce, for having me and the ladies in the ward over for a little "time out for women." I had a chance to reflect that night on how I can be a better person as well. Thanks for being such a great example!

Rodriguez Family said...

your tree is beautiful! How do you get it to stay that way? We can't keep the ordaments on and we only have one rug rat!