Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting caught up...

We now have 5 cub scouts with Mom as one of their den leaders.
How would you like to see this at the airport? It says,"welcome home dad" We have enough kids for them to each hold a letter.

Zach turned 8 on Feb 6. Grandma sent him a coveted Iron Man costume.
Thanks Grandma

The line to talk to Dad while he was in Michigan
I just thought it was so cute.

Sisters with new barettes

Zach becoming a scout and getting his neckerchief

Jonathan doing a chore in the morning before school.

Nathan playing computer in the homework station

Katie wanting to be like Dad

Josh's first wrestling meet. He won on points. The next week he got his first pin!

IT has been crazy here over the last few weeks. First, I have been subbing all but 2 days in January. Then, we had Josh's wrestling. Following some of that, or in the midst of all of that, we got a new baby boy. He is 6mths old and his name is Taedin. Then, we have have had a nice coughing illness going around, some of us are into our 2nd week of it. John's Uncle Bob passed away this past week so John was in Michigan for three days. While he was gone I found out I am allergic to my antibiotic and it will take some time for it to get out of my system. I am experiencing dizziness and numbness in some areas. Weird, I know. It seems like we are always busy and running around. Tonight, we are hosting Kodey's group for "Preference" ,a girl's choice school formal, for dinner. John is making fettucine alfredo with sliced chicken breast, garlic bread, salad, and sparkling cider for a drink. Kodey is getting her hair done right now. Hopefully by tomorrow I will post those pictures. Anyway, Zach turned 8 on Feb 6. He will be baptized the first Saturday in March. We are celebrating on Sunday with a few family friends that he invited. I got a new calling at church on Sunday. I am now a cub scout den leader. I still have my old callings as well. Well, I gotta get things cleaned up for tonight.

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Grandma Sue said...

Thanks for the photo of "Red Iron Man"! Now I can see why Zach thinks he's cool!
Love the flower barrettes. Your girls are the cutest.
Home many kids again? Did you get lots of stares at the airport?
Thanks for sharing.