Monday, December 13, 2010

the saga of the Thill's continue

Well, let me just start by saying , I really do like my kids a lot. As a matter of fact, i would go so far as to say that I love them. *wink* Anyhoo, this has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life. So as not to complain again, I will just say this, "john has been gone a lot this week and sunday was super long".
That is all I will say except that the kids went into overdrive on behavior. Now, my kids are not usually very crazy and the reason I feel they need to be some what under control is this, I am totally afraid of what will happen if they get free reign. Also, I am not really for the whole one child taking "care" of another child thing. Is that stupid? should I let them "parent" a sibling?
So, needless to say, the whole new calling for john has a few kinks for me to work out at home.
Also, my math is going a little slower than I expected. I am working on quadratic equations and the vertex of parabola. I have been working on these for days and I still am not sure what either of those things mean. Something about graphs and lines not intersecting, I think. Jenn?
Meanwhile there will probably be no Christmas cards this year :( but, I do have neighbor gifts done and ready.
I also want to be done whining and complaining. It doesn't help at all and usually just makes me feel worse about the situation. In church yesterday, we talked about gifts that we have each received, and all I could think of were negative ones: for example: I have the gift of whining, the gift of judging well, you get the idea. That really clued me into the way my thinking has deteriorated over the last week. So, time to make a change.
well, after I make one more comment....:)

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Jen said...

Cayce, my parents leave in the morning. I am free ALL week and if you need a big long lesson on parabolas and quadratic equations I am more than happy to help. Call me!