Thursday, February 17, 2011

What do you do in the winter time?

I don't know about you...but we headed to Disneyland! We escaped from the snow, cold weather with the highs of 7. And headed on over to Anaheim for a little Disney magic and what we found was even better! On our way, we enjoyed a brief respite and some naps until...Boom! the tread from a tire blew off the bus. We stopped and while inspecting the tire noticed that our luggage was on fire! We were blessed to put that it out and only lose the clothes from 1 child (YIPEE!). We continued on our way after a brief stop at an amazing Shell gas station in Beaver (andrew loves that name...) A nice man from Montana bought each of the kids a candy bar from the store while we waited. then he invited us to his horse ranch in Montana "to put everyone of those kids on a horse" :) Next we drove onto St George and our battery blew up. This was well timed as there was an autozone less than a mile down the street and John was able to replace it. Then the regulator in the alternator was acting weird. We said our 8th prayer and knew who to call to get help. Unfortunately, Papa lives in Michigan and he was plowing snow. Then, we called our mechanic at Doug's Auto and he helped us limp our bus to Covina, CA (our first official stop).
Here are some of the pictures from our wonderful stay....

It's a small world

Big Thunder railroad full of Thill's

Our friends the Boyd's showing us around for 3 days.They also got some friends together and comp'd our whole trip to Disneyland!

Tom Sawyer's treasure

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Christina Bassi said...

Looks like a blast. I love Disney world. That's a bummer you guys experience so many car troubles. It sounded like a rough ride.