Friday, May 13, 2011

Graduation Time

Well another school year is coming to an end. This school year has had its share of heartaches, trials, health scares,laughter and all around fun times. But as this year comes to a close I am thinking particularly about my 3 older children. Kodey 18 3/4 is graduating from Utah College of Massage therapy and has decided to follow her dream of becoming a nanny. Once her application was posted through some LDS agencies, she has had 3 interviews and I believe that she has chosen a family in Pennsylvania with 3 small children and another home on the Jersey shore (where they will be moving to for the summer). Josh is a graduating senior from Timpanogos High school. A know right? a senior? he was justa warded a GEAR UP scholarship of $26,000 as well as the Pell Grant. He has taken the ASVAB test and scored wonderfully for a medical job in (hopefully) the National Guard. He has plans to become a EMT in the civilian world or a medic in the Army after his mission. he was accepted to Utah Valley University.He is just 17 so his mission will wait until he is 19, of course. And not to be outdone there is Aleceeya who is graduating from Timpview High school. She already graduated with her CNA in January. now, it is school and working. aleceeya plans on attending Utah valley University and continuing her nursing career. she is also a budding seamstress and photographer. She would like to serve an LDS mission and thinks by next year she wants to do something similar to the Peace corp and go to a foreign land and help local villagers and such. what ambition!
i remember the times I thought those three were never going to grow up. now, that they have, I am reluctant to let the past few years go. what a wake up call for me with my younger children. i have the opportunity to make each day better as I know that it truly does go by so incredibly fast. soon, my household will be lighter by three. sad...I know. well, I am excited that I still can be the mom of my dreams with my younger children and forge on ahead blindly while I negotiate this next stage with my young adults.
We have exciting things planned for this summer. my parents are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks. We are visiting Yellowstone, have plans for our usual activities plus some new adventures. there will be camping involved and many scouting activities as we have 5 boys in Boy Scouts now. i believe there is a 50 miler in there somewhere this summer too. Never a dull moment and that is just the way I like it.
John and I are going on a cruise in September and we can't wait! our first time alone for a week! But for now, I am going to relish the final weeks of having my whole family under one roof. I am going to cry some, and laugh more knowing that the days are fleeting. Why did I ever wish away those days of babies, diapers, early bedtimes, sweet smelling hugs, and children toddling around? well, I won't be writing this way when my other children graduate because i will know that i was the best mom possible and I lived every moment with them with full enjoyment. Knowing like I said that time does truly go by way too fast.

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Tyler and Kristen said...

Oh Casey,
I am sure you get this all the time, but how do you do it all?!!!!?!! I have 2 and feel like I'm failing in every regard, You seem to be successfully juggling all your kids, plus doing school plus all those other thing we don't plan for. You need to write a book so I can buy it and have all the answers! You are such a wonderful example! I can't believe your kids are growing up so fast! Love you!-Kristen