Sunday, March 2, 2008

Here's the newset picture of Katie, in between lots of tantrums, and watching her siblings perform at school. Well, another exciting week here. Our dear friend SuEllyn Mortenson passed away this week. It was parent teacher conferences...2 hours 8 teachers. We also had court to attend for 2 days as we were wrapping up our permancy hearing. the verdict is....we get to adopt the kids. We will post the adoption when it happens but, as of now it will probably be in April. This is so great! there will also be a few name changes to deal with...Alberto will be Jacob Albert, Andres will be Andrew Lang, Anahi will be Lydia Rebekah and Abel will be Benjamin Abel. How cool is that!? We only have the usual stuff going on the month however, with easter being on the 23rd I had to work hard to start all of the Easter baskets. We have also been planning our trips from April to December. As soon as the are finialized, we will post them to see if we will be in anyone's neighborhood. Well, it is Sunday, and I need to finish the Hawaiian Haystacks and dinner rolls.

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