Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back to the grindstone..

our trip to CA was beautiful and fantastic (although I wouldn't want to live there). I really did miss my kids! John and I enjoyed two days at Disney, a wonderful trip to Santa Monica Pier, beautiful wedding, and an even more beautiful brand new baby (Welcome Emily)! It was filled with great sleep and good food (okay,okay overpriced food but it was okay). I could probably write 2 paragraphs on the food alone. Jet Blue was a wonderful airline, the rental place was a walk in and pick up (the fastest we have EVER rented a car, thanks Avis!), the hotel was okay nothing fancy but clean.
The best part of the trip though was coming home. Our 2 friends that did the majority of the child care are still speaking to us (Thanks Britta and Kenice...I am not sure how I got to be so blessed to have you two as my friends.). We had prepared most of the meals in advance so, it would be some reheating but, we did the best we could.
The kids were somewhat happy to have us home. They were more excited for the presents the got, I think. We were able to hit the ground running though. It has been non-stop chaos since we walked in the door. I have had to write a couple of PPT for school. I am finishing the 2nd right now. Now on to 2, 8 page papers ( I am not sure how I will contain the excitement). I have been subbing a lot but I hope that it will be paying for an upcoming trip I plan to take by myself.
So, we have some great photos ( on the other computer) that I hope to get around to posting soon. As soon as I tie up a few other things. I get to sub 2 more times this week and John and I were "invited" to court on Thursday in SLC. We are going to potentially testify in a case.
Our life has resumed as if we have never been anywhere. Sometimes, it seems like a long time ago that we were in Ca even though it has only been a week and some change. But, I am really glad for the break and gald to be back in my house with my family. It is hard to go but the joy of returning is its own reward.

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