Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My kids saying the funniest things....

We have been having lots of "big" talking in our family. I know, I know, hard to believe right? Well John thought he would "trick" the kids who were talking about how smart they are... here is the result

John said,
"How many animals did Moses put on the Ark?" Nathan said, "i know this I just learned it in primary. There were 2 animals and if they were real good there were 7 on there." Andrew said, "How did he get the whales on the ark?" Nathan and Zach, "Duh, they live in water they were probably having all kinds of fun because all they got to do was play wherever they wanted." By the way was Noah who built the ark not Moses! But, that seemed to be irrelevant.

Next, Jacob and I were driving home from vision therapy and Jacob was looking at my new cell phone. then he asked this gem, "mom, how do you know if someone is on the phone waiting to talk to you?" I couldn't help but smile and try not to hurt his feelings by laughing.

Today another funny one...
Katie, who is 4,"Mom, Dad is going to make a cd for me?" Mom,"Really? of what?" Katie,"probably out of plastic stuff like this one is (pointing to a cd)."

I mean really! kids are so darn funny. John thought it was important to write these and post them before we forgot. John and I have been working very hard but, these sure still seem funny to us.

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Stephanee said...

Hilarious! Another one to ask them is...if a plane crashed right on the border of USA and Canada where do you bury the survivors? No where - they survived!