Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Running around in circles...

I have been so busy and bad about posting and taking pictures. i keep promising myself I will get caught up but then something else comes up. i admire all of you that can keep your blogs so nice all the time.
Since the last time I posted..Zach had a birthday, Lydia had a birthday and was baptized, Katie had a birthday, John had a birthday (40 yrs).
Wrestling season ended for everyone. I am almost done with 4 more classes. Jonathan broke his brand new glasses, Aleceeya and Gallie joined the glasses crew, I got TRIFOCALS!
I have been subbing like crazy! The van had to get new tires, and a new air conditioner and windshield.
The trailer needed a new refrigerator. John's car needed new tires.
I have been elected for PTA vice president and accepted a spot in the Utah Foster and adoptive families association for their 2nd VP and am now trying to create a statewide mentoring program.
We had a beautiful Patriotic program at my kids school that I ran the lights for and twisted my knee at (it was swollen for about 1 1/2 weeks)
Josh earned his varsity letter in wrestling and now has a beautiful coat to wear it on, they get more and more expensive!!
My three teens each got a cell phone with unlimited texting and lets just say, in one month their combined texts were over 6000!!!
they have also each lost their phone privileges over the last month for breaking some rules.
Kodey passed her math class with a C and now only needs a 1/4 credit in US History to pass so that she can graduate in May. the final is next week!!
Spring Break is upon us and it has hailed, snowed and the wind has blown so hard...but today it is beautiful weather and should be for the rest of the week.
Easter came and went quickly with a beautiful General Conference session.
i decided to write a book about my grandparents and family history and have been working on it.
katie has to have surgery tomorrow.
I earned my On My Honor award from the scouting program
Sheesh...I think that is about all. i am sure there is more but that is just a few highlights of our last few weeks.


Tyler and Kristen said...

Hmmmmm Casey, and you wonder why you don't have time to update something as trivial as a blog! Wow you busy woman! If you have the time we should get together someday! Take the kids to a park or something and catch up, I could sure use some advice on dealing with the 2's, and I figure you are probably the best person to talk to!

Anonymous said...

you are always so sweet to me. Let me know I am usually around. I hear the baby animals are out at thanksgiving point. that would be a fun time. I hate to post anything to personal but here is my email, then I will give you my cell and we can talk.