Friday, April 23, 2010

a reality series?

So, the weirdest thing happened. We have talked to someone a few times who thinks we would be a good family for a reality TV show. we thought that was so funny. i am not sure what would go on but the producer called last night and talked to John for about an hour. They are talking it over and trying to come up with a premise for the show. Isn't that hilarious? Can you even imagine? This process has raised a few questions for our family.
*sounds exciting...but is it worth it?
*would it benefit or be harmful?
*do we want everyone to know what goes on in our life?
*seriously, who would be interested in watching our family?
*how much of an embarrassment would I become?
*what would the limitations be?
any way, it probably won't go beyond a few phone calls. We are just not that exciting. We don't have any cool talents or anything. We just are what we are!
Beyond that excitement, I am on my way to Michigan for a few days to visit my family and because a friend of mine passed away this week. At only 46 yrs.old it seems a little unreal that she could be gone so young.
I am still plugging away at school. UGH! sometimes, it gets intense and I feel like I am never going to be done. I know I will be someday and I am grateful to be finishing. I am looking forward to working. Crazy, i know. After 19 years at home I am excited to do something a little bit different. Although, teaching school isn't exactly out of my comfort zone :)
I still have some time though. Katie should at least be in 1 st grade before I start anything like that. then, I might decide, I want to stay at home by myself for a little while. Who knows? I will just be excited to finally have my degree. It will certainly be a relief and an accomplishment. i have been going to college on and off for 19 years and I will be thrilled to finish this.
Well, I have been subbing for 2 days in Zach's 3rd grade class and I have been having a ball! What a fun class. I love it! Thankfully though the subbing is winding down a little and I look forward to the summer off.
Well....that is pretty much all for now. Kodey is going to graduate next month and another chapter of her life will begin. I will let you know if they call back. they said they would, hmm, I won't loose any sleep over that. Still makes me chuckle though. A TV show? who does that happen to? HAHAHAHA


Tyler and Kristen said...

I don't know if it means much, but for the last few years I've totally thought that someone should approach you to do a TV show! Seriously, it's not as 'out in left field' as you might think! So yeah, i think even today I was thinking it. crazy.

Stephanee said...

Your family is inspiring and people want more stories/shows that are uplifting.

Karen said...

It would definately change things for you, good or bad?! Well you know the media. I would think long and hard, maybe a book for Desert Book would be a better choice, but whatever the fates are you will do it with flair, congrats! Remember we all knew you first! Ha Ha

Crystal said...

I'd watch Girl! You're life is very inspiring! Good luck with whatever you guys decide to do!!!

bcfamily said...

How fun! Hopefully it happens! For sure we would watch! Keep us posted. :)