Friday, October 12, 2012

Moving on..forward...ahead or whatever

Moving on
hmm, this is a recurring thought for me. recently, I attended the funeral of my sweet niece, 11 year old Maddie. I have thought about what it takes to move forward after a great tragedy. I have thought about moving past my past. I have reflected on moving past my kids behaviors and seeing my family as a family and not as a therapists dream. :)
Moving on, is easier said than done. Logically, I can see that there are times that I need to have a do over, or reset. I can see that but letting go is hard. Doing the letting go and moving forward? even harder.
I have been known to hold a grudge. I disliked that horribly, in myself. So, I have worked for years on letting go and moving forward. Guess what? the amazing thing is I actually felt good inside when I was able to let go of hurt, anger, frustration. Easy? I don't think so! worth it? Absolutely.

One of the hardest parts of experiencing a tragedy is people telling you they are sorry. I know people mean well, they really truly do but, I am not sorry.
These moments make me.
They build me up.
These experiences make me stronger than I ever thought to be.
Sorry? doesn't even begin to touch it. I am so thankful.
Weird, right?
But, I can really say this "I AM THANKFUL".
I have faced unfairness, bitterness, blame, anger, hate, frustration, misery, hurt, loss and so much more.
And guess what? I have prevailed. Not only prevailed but, I have learned how to deal with these emotions. I have learned how to help myself and others.
That makes me strong.
Moving on takes courage. Moving on takes strength. Moving forward takes a person willing to see the bigger picture. Moving ahead takes someone resilient enough to bend and flow with change.
Am I happy these things happen? No way. However, I understand that all of these experiences are for my good. They are for me to improve.
When we are able to look at life in this way, happiness and joy are quick to follow. That is because, you are able to see clearly,
"I have this trial but, in the end, I am going to be a better person for it".
Peace and contentment will follow and your misfortune will pass. Slow as molassess sometimes but, it WILL pass.
Thankfully, we don't live in this misery forever.
whatever you have to do to bring peace happiness in your life, do it!
Forgiveness comes
Respect that we don't know what someone else has gone through and what they have lived through to shape them.
keep in mind that experiences can be good or bad depending on how you view them.

So, move on...move ahead and move forward.
Goodness awaits you.

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