Monday, August 18, 2008

hiding out in a dinosaur cave at Thanksgiving point dinosaur museum
digging for bones
new haircuts for school and for Dad's graduation
John has just recieved his diploma from BYU in the Master's Program
Kodey at Girl's Camp with Miss Utah. I am pretty sure Kodey is just as beautiful
Standing by the cows at the Animal Farm. Josh just can't get away from the farm or cows. The little cow behind him keeps licking him and head buttng him
Andrew's 8th birthday on August 10th. He is looking forward to getting baptized on Saturday, Sept. 13.
The family at John's graduation from BYU
A triple piggy back ride. "hold on tight, Katie Grace"
Well another fun week right before school starts. I will load on first day of school pictures next. The house is super quiet with everyone gone. Katie, Ben and Joseph are doing their best to keep me entertained though. We are trying to catch up on laundry right now. I know you ae thinking,"Wow!what a life!" right now. I was very sad to send everyone off this morning. You should have seen the 8 elementary aged kids trooping down the hall in a tight pack. It was so heart-warming. The boys were promising to show the girl's where the first grade rooms are so no one would get lost. So, back to the laundry and the list of things to do. Hope YOU are having a great Monday!


shipley family said...

Kodey IS just as beautiful if not more that Miss Utah. Congratulations on the graduation. I'll bet it does get lonely in the house while the whole troop is at school. Laundry, ugh, laundry.

Whitaker Family said...

Your blog looks so great!! All your pictures are so fun! Congratulations, John!

Raeanna said...

Congratulations John! That's so awesome!