Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kloey's first day of school
Katie wanting her pic taken too
Joseph showing off his batman shirt
Ben matching Joseph
Dry river bed I took some pictures of
Zach and the Hulk going to school
Jonathan being nonchalant
Andrew ready to go
Lydia not really sure about the whole thing
Gallie prepared to walk to school as a 1st grader

Last summer fling to the botanical gardens
trying to cram into the lighthouse. Yikes! it was small
Kodey getting ready to drive to school as a junior
big and mighty sophomore. Finally at the high school
Nathan ready for 3rd grade
Oops! I forgot Jacob. I will add that one later. we are in our second week of school and still trying to find some kind of routine. we have our days and nights packed and we all fall into bed exhausted every night. Besides that we are having such good time. The preschoolers will start on Sept.22 and I will be starting to sub. around then. I have already had a lot of offers but want to be home with my little ones. Working on financial aid forms to start back into independant studies at BYU. I will finish this degree! That's about it for now....


shipley family said...

School how exciting. It's hard to see Kodey so grown up. I'll bet it is helpful having another driver.

Thilltribe said...

she's not driving on her own yet, by November she will be...how are you guys doing? Thanks for making me feel like people are actually reading this. Have a great day!

Whitaker Family said...

The kids all look so cute! How long has Klorissa been going by Kloey? I've missed that one!

The Lee's said...

Hello!!!! I cannot believe how things have changed. Reading your blog- it is safe and accurate to say that my jaw was on the ground the entire time! Wow! What a beautiful, LARGE family. I am sure you have many stories on what you have been through since I last saw your family. Go ahead a laugh, but, I feel overwhelmed with my four and my three little ones -ages -4,3,1 keep me spinning. Honestly I can't imagine how you keep everything together. I won't take up the entire space on your blog. But I was so happy to see your name on my "blog" (more of a picture posting), but I miss you. I love seeing the pictures of your kids - amazing!!!

Rodriguez Family said...

you go girl! you'll be done with your degree in no time! I still just can't believe you find the time to do it at all with all the other stuff you have on your plate! you're amamzing! And Kodey is really a junior? Holy smokes!