Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Foster Family Retreat at Aspen Grove 2008 We had so much fun.
Camping at Fillmore "Hot Pots" or Hot Springs. It was so fun. 3 days of camping together in the middle of the cow pastures.
Emptying the pool, the Thill way. John is throwing the water on the kids in the play structure
Kodey got asked to Homecoming. In Utah it is all about the asking and the reply.
Kodey and Kyler going to homecoming. So cute, right?
Andrew getting baptized on Saturday 9/13. It was a busy day with Kodey going to homecoming that night and we were at our Aspen Grove weekend too.
Doesn't she look amazing! She had so much fun with the day date and hair/makeup getting done and wearing the perfect dress.
Dad and Kodey need I say more?
All of the little kids. Kodey set this picture up for her photography class. I think it is so cute!
Well, we haven't had internet or phone since Sept. 2 (a phone company error). It has been quiet but I never realized how dependent I have become on technology. All of the sudden information wasn't available at my fingertips. YIKES! The kids projects couldn't get done and so on. But, as of today we are hooked back up. Our Disney trip is closing in (down to a month) Yeah! We have been so busy. We just filmed another video. This one for the Utah Foster Care Foundation recruitment department. It was fun but hard work and long hours. They bought us dinner though so...Besides that, John is still loving his new job and so am I. I volunteered at the cannery today (peaches) and John was able to stay home with the kids! We are also planning a teacher luncheon together for Oct 1. It is fun to see John more and work with him often on other projects. Monday the 22nd is the big day here. It will be time for preschool to start! I will be all by myself. (The first week I substitute teach for the whole week though).


Rodriguez Family said...

Kodey is so beautiful! Looks just like her mom! And John is looking so stylin' with his facial hair! I love reading your posts, you guys stay so busy!

Raeanna said...

Yes! Kodey is so darn cute! I love her genuine smile...and the dress, hair and make-up are beautiful as well! How you do it all is amazing!

Mom in Michigan said...

Kodey is DAZZLING! She is turning into a beautiful young lady.
Her group photo of the younger ones is very well composed. Hope she got a good grade on that one.
Hugs and kisses to all!
Grandma Sue

Janan said...

I am so glad someone from Lansing, MI visited my blog allowing me to know you have a blog too!

First, KODEY isn't OLD ENOUGH to go to HOMECOMING!! Oh my GOODNESS!! In my mind, she is still that cute little 7 year old going on 8 year old that we are teaching the discussions to to prepare her for baptism!! What happened??? Kodey, kodey, Kodey!!

Well, Bro. Thill, I hope you sit on the front porch and polish guns when her dates come to get here!! She is GORGEOUS!!! Enjoy these years, the are a blast!!!