Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well, I have lots of pictures but I didn't download my camera yet. We have had a fantastic summer which is now coming to a close. School starts Monday Aug 18 and the kids are so excited they can hardly stand it. I on the other hand can't stand them going back. I really do enjoy every day together with them and all of the laughter we share. Our big news this week is John graduates from BYU Master's program on Friday!!! We are so excited for him and this amazing accomplishment.
Our school shopping is all done except for shoes which will be done tomorrow (Thursday). The new clothes are set out and new backpacks ready to be filled. The kids were all able to get seperate teachers this year which is an amazing accomplishment. The staff at Bonneville Elementary are the best ever. we have 1 in 4th grade, 3 in 3rd,1 in 2nd, 3 in 1st and 3 in preschool. My only concern is dealing with 8 seperate teachers and homework styles. I am sure we will work it out okay. Parent/teacher conferences should be interesting as well but at least the kids won't be compared to each other and they will all have some time apart.
Our disneyland adventure is set for Oct. 15-20, 2008. We are thrilled! I can't wait! Although, I can't see spending this much money very often. We are excited for the adventure.
Besides all of that it is just the normal things, getting haircuts, pictures,glasses for 3 kids and therapy appointments. I need to get my routine back in place. I am going to be joining a gym at the beginning of Sept. as soon as preschool starts. I want to be back to running in some races next summer. Maybe even in time for the turkey trot in Nov.
Well, gotta go for now and I will put some pictures on soon....

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our last name is Thill we have our own crest how about you?