Friday, April 27, 2012

Comparing apples to oranges...

I have been thinking a lot about comparing apples to oranges. There are things that are similar about apples and oranges, for example: they are both a fruit, they are both roundish and they tend to be sweet. That is where the similarities stop.
We often compare ourselves (apples) to others (oranges). While we have some of the same characteristics, for example we are both women, we live in a house, we drive a car etc...
Our similarities stop there. We are unique and there is no one quite like you.
You are a daughter of a Heavenly Father that loves and values you and what you give to this life.  He doesn't compare you to me. For example, a person with 3 kids will relate an experience they have had with their children. Then they say something like, well but, that is nothing for you. Actually, every good and nad time that you have had with your children, I have probably shared too. Three kids are hard, so are four and five and six. I remember having my first and not being able to go anywhere because i had to get so much stuff ready. Now? I can relate to first time parents. It is hard. I just have some more experience.
Heavenly Father doesn't love me any more than you. He doesn't value my contribution to society more than He values yours. YOU are the one He values.
You can't compare your life to someone elses'. It is just not fair. I was watching a cute family with a few children. The parents were so patient, loving and kind. I told John, "I wish I could be more like that." and his reply? "You are in your own way. If they had experienced what you have throughout your life and they had as many children that struggle through various issues, whose to say they would behave like they are now. You can't compare yourself to them. That isn't fair." Comparing apples to oranges again.
I compare your strengths to my weakness and how fair is that? Heavenly Father blessed all of us with individual, spectacular gifts. Do not think for a second that I manage my life perfectly every second of the day and that my house is clean and organized (you should see my shoe pile). and you are not allowed to ask John anything about my habits! But anyway, my gifts are different than yours. Heavenly Father has asked me to care for these children and I have asked Him to do 95% of the work. I do my best and He makes up for my failings. sometimes that is 95% sometimes it is only 3%.
But He doesn't compare me to you. He doesn't say "wow she is really wasting the talent I gave her" that even sounds silly. Instead, He says, what opportunites can I present that will help her to magnify that talent? I sometimes wonder, what I still haven't learned after having 59 children in our home. I must be a tough nut to crack.
I guess all I mean is realize your divine potential. Comparing yourself won't get you anywhere, just miserable because you will think you never match up to the other people. when you feel that way, think of some strengths you have, think about the blessings you enjoy and pray for forgiveness for belittling your talents and blessings. Satan is a crafty guy and he will do his best to make sure that you feel as insignificant as possible. Don't let him win. You hold all of the power here. You can change your life and you can do it this second. Little by little you will realize that you are special and important too. You matter! You are loved! You are appreciated for what you do! You are not insignificant! You are a Beloved daughter of your Heavenly Father and He loves you, as do many others around you. Be the best person you can be and Heavenly Father makes up for the rest.


Emily said...

You are so humble and so inspiring. Love this post.

Tyler and Kristen said...

Wonderfully said and a great reminder! I hope you keep up these posts!

Ashlie Grow said...

cayce can you just do a post a day for me to read? :-)
I love the part where you said "pray for forgiveness for belittling your talents and gifts." That put it into perspective for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Janan said...

Love that your posting again. Love both posts. You inspire me.