Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be the Calm in the Storm

It has been a long time since I have been on here. There is so much to tell.
First, our oldest daughter is getting married in 2 weeks. That is crazy to me.
Second, our oldest son is in the ARMY and has been gone for several months and won't be home until November *sigh*.
We added 3 little ones to our brood and now have 18 gorgeous children.
I am almost done with school and graduate in December.
Now that you are all caught up on the happenings here...

Sometimes, I am just plain busy. I have often refelcted on talks from LDS General Conference where they tell me to simplify. We are always re-evaluating and thinking about things we can cut out to make our lives run more smoothly. Sometimes, you just can't. Our lives are just busy, sometimes.

Your busy and my busy are completely seperate too. What I do may seem to be boring and slow and what are you complaining about.Yours may be extremely hectic and I can't see how it could possibly work.
So, here are my words of wisdom. Are you the calm in the storm? Our lives can be busy and active and hectic but, how do you feel about it? That is what matters. If you are yelling and barking orders and feel like you don't have any time for yourself then, change needs to happen.
I definately set the pace for my family. If I am hectic and frantic (like last night preparing for my daughter's bridal shower) the kids respond accordingly. Ironically enough, I often expect them to be the calm ones while I am having my "breakdown".  When I am the calm amidst the storms life takes on a new meaning and experience for my children.
I have noticed how stupid I sound when I yell at my children to "calm down!". Seriously, I know better. They need me to model that behavior first. Then, they can see how it is done.
So, be the calm in the storm for your children. If you can manage that during all of your schedule I think you are right on track. I think that is what LDS prophets and apostles are trying to teach us.
Jesus Christ was the calm in the storm as well. He gave us the example of not getting frantic but being calm and dealing with what is happening around us. The result? The apostles were able to start being calm knowing that He was their anchor.
You are your child's anchor. No one else is JUST YOU.
Does that mean we don't all lose it at some point? Nah! It just means we learn to be better. Every minute should be spent on improving ourselves. You are never DONE for the day and start over in the morning. Take a second to start over now. become who you are meant to be.
I want you to know, that I struggle just like you. NO ONE is immune! Don't let anyone tell you they are because they aren't being completely honest. We all just have different struggles and challenges.
So, love yourself despite your weaknesses you will be happier and so will your family.
This sounds like a chinese proverb but here it goes...A ripple of water (change) starts with a small rock(you). The best way to change the world is to start within your own homes.


Anonymous said...

Loved your comment. I needed that today! You are awesome!

Ashlie Grow said...

thanks for that post! i need to work on that! I think you are so right that we need to learn to be calm AMIDST the chaos. because the chaos isn't going anywhere! you are one amazing girl with one amazing family!

Tiffanie Michele said...

You are my hero!
I love you.
Thank you for reminding us that even the best of us are human, and need to be patient with ourselves when we act accordingly. I look up to you, and am grateful for the silent lessons you have taught me over the past year or so. You best believe I'm followin your blog!!