Friday, June 1, 2012

replace fear with...

I have started a new blog post three times already. I haven't had the right topic so, the words haven't come very easy.
I am thinking this is the right fit for this moment.
Why is it so hard to learn lessons? A lot of the time, I know what I should be doing and I know why I should be doing it but, I don't. I also know the results of not doing what I should. You would think I would have learned by now.
I was talking to a sweet young lady the other day about, well...basically fear. (at least that's what I got out of it). FEAR:is a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat.
Fear restricts us from who we need to become. Fear can motivate us to do good but that should not be a motivating factor. If you feel fear, you need to reach out to your Heavenly Father. John always says (I am not sure if I am quoting someone else but I am giving credit to John) : "replace your fear with an act of faith." How do you do that though?
How do you look at something that has happened in your life and not fear it? You trust in you Heavenly father. You trust that He will carry you. You trust that He will never let you fall. You trust...
Trust is an interesting word as well because it can be scary and hard to trust people. How do you replace that fear of trust with an act of faith? I don't have all of the answers for your life. (Unfortunate, I know).
I can only tell you how things have gone down in my life and the examples from my husband's life.
I can only tell you that many fear inducing things have happened over our lifetimes. Some days are down right hard. But, we joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1993, together. That began our journey of overcoming fear. For me, finding the strength and stability this church has to offer, made me start to replace fear with faith. My doubts have withered (but not gone away entirely). My life has meaning, purpose and direction becuase Heavenly Father became my compass, my guide, my iron rod.When you have that kind of influence in your life fear tends to take a back seat. Because you trust that there is someone greater than you.
That is where trust starts...You start to trust in the one who can and will never leave you. Then, you trust in more things little by little.
Fear is interesting, I think. You think you have a handle on things and then fear creeps its way back in.
This is probably disjointed thoughts and makes no sense to anyone but me.
I was just thinking about this beautiful lady who doubts herself and what she can become. I am here to say mostly to myself and her that we are all scared of things especially if you have lived through hard times. But replace that fear with trust and faith. Things will work out. It will all work out. At times like these, I understand why hard things happened to me. Because, it helps me to relate to others in similar situations. I know what it is like. It isn;t easy to overcome fear and it can linger in your life. I know that I have hope and faith that the one day the fear will completely dissipate. That love will overpower that fear. I will be filled with light and love as I put my trust in Him.
I have been blessed with a great family who teaches me so much more than I could ever teach them. How blessed I have been and continue to be when I trust what He has planned for me. I never would have thought it possible for me to have this many children. But, I do and it is because I trust that the Lord will keep his part of teh promise. I will do this earthly job and He will help me in all areas I need.
So, replace fear with faith. Pray until you feel like praying then pray some more. fear will slowly be replaced by the light that shines inside of you as you are able to free yourself from the overwhelming fear that fills you.
You are a beloved child of a Heavenly Father that loves you and as such put your trust in Him, He will allow that trust to flow to those around you. Seek out the good.
Fill your cup so that it overflows and radiates the joy within. Forget about the things you can't change. You lived this life for a reason that you will come to know and appreciate one day. If I didn't have my expereinces how could I possibly understand the hurt that my children feel? how could I say," you know what I have been there and it stinks!"
Fear and doubts do not come from Heavenly Father. They will always come but one person seeks to exploit those weaknesses and one person seeks to strengthen them. So, who will you follow? Who will you change for?That is for you to decide
"But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15.

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