Monday, June 25, 2012

what do we do in the summer time?

My Summer Plans

For the last 6 years, I have come up with a schedule of activities to keep my kiddos and I happy and busy for the summer. It has helped us all to look forward to summer and not dread it. well, with 15 children still at home this has become a fun way to enjoy time with them. This year, has not been my best because of a myriad of things but, I am looking to change that for the rest of the summer.

Step one: what do you like to do?  Taht is how we start planning. what kinds of things do you want to experience in a summer? anything you have always wanted to see?

Step two: What will your schedule look like? we do activities in the morning, have lunch then swim or relax in the afternoon. No more than 30 minutes of electronics in one day total not per person. And 1 hour of TV.

Step three: Plan! Plan! Plan! Look for opportunites that are afforable and kid friendly. We like FREE the best. Also, consider family passes. Hogle Zoo in SLC costs for one visit.
Seniors (65 and older):$9.75
Children (3 to 12):$9.75
Children 2 and younger:Free                                      
For a family member ship for one year, it costs $67.00 and they have many "sister" zoos in other states that are free or reduced costs

So, here is what our schedule looks like :
Week One  Art week: explore difefrent art mediums every day, go to an art museum (BYU has a free one), make tie die shirts, make a pet rock (remember those?) etc..

Week 2: Pirate/Knight week: explore life on the high seas and in a castle: Make paper hats and swords. Make a castle out of boxes, buy some eye patches, talk like pirates, make a lunch that ties in with the theme, read books about pirates or knights/princesses, make crowns

Week 3: Service: plan some service opportunities, see how a soup kitchen works, tour a local food bank, make donations, weed a garden, clean a room etc.. read about kids that do service around the country

Week 4: Celebrate the USA, write a serviceman/woman, make a flag out of popsicle sticks, visit veterans or gravesites of veterans, watch the Hope of America pageant on youtube, fireworks, make a cool dessert for 4th of July.

Week 5: adventure time: go on a hike, visit a tourist trap (hehe), go on a picnic, put up the tent in the back yard, tell campfire stories, have smores, tell stories with flashlights

Week 6: Bug/animal week: go on a bug hunt, have a picnic, make bread animals or bugs, have ants on a log or otehr bug treats, make coffee filter butterfly magnets

Week 7: Pioneer week. No electronics for 24 hours. Mmake dinner by grilling or by dutch oven, read about pioneers, learn pioneer games, watch a movie like Legacy or 17 Miracles that talk about pioneer life, go on a hike (pretend to be a pioneer) , visit a local pioneer village in SLC it is This is the PLace in Michigan it is Greenfield Village

Week 8: Carnival week: let your kids put togther a carnival, invite friends, make signs take donations for a charity, have simple games download carnival music, rent a cotton candy machine, amke baloon animals,learn to juggle, visit a carnival

Then we also incorporate a once a week trip to the library to participate in their summer program. teh governors summer reading program (when you finish, they send you a certificate and a free happy meal) we go to 7 peaks water park and fun things like that.

Think about lazy time...what do you see in the clouds game, things like that
or you could pick a favorite book and build a theme around it.

have fun...your family is worth it


Anonymous said...

Thanks do much Cayce!!! - Rachelle

Tyler and Kristen said...

Yay! Thanks Cayce, this is fantastic- as are you.

Linda said...

I want to come live at your house for the summer. Wow.