Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Traveling Plans

A trip, a trip we are going on a trip. One that doesn't require a babysitter. I can hear my friends cheering loudly now. ;) Yep, we are headed to Michigan in....5 months.
      Yep, we are coming "home". Hello mosquitoes (yuck), humidity (yuck), green trees and grass (yeah!) and wait for it...FIREFLIES!!! Of course family and friends as well. We are planning on making 2 different family reunions during this time too. 
       I am creating packing lists, schedules, menus and already trying to figure out where everything is going to go (cause no one has 19 pillows/blankets to borrow). Movies to watch on the way, activity books, and new books to read lots of thinking/ planning go into making a trip.
        When I am back in Michigan, I love to drive through the country and look at all of the farm houses and the open land around the town. It will be fun to take the kids to see the MSU campus this time too. I love all of the green. (In Utah, I have to water my grass almost daily for it to be green). so fun and I am getting so excited!!! Well, except for the mosquitoes part. 
       So, I thought it would be fun to find out what you do to prepare/plan a trip? What kind of things do you take? What kind of food do you pack for the car? Keep in mind this road trip is about 23 hours long. It will also be about 2 weeks long. We will have 16 year olds all the way down to an 8 month old. Yes, there will be 19 in our car. I am hoping a few of my older kids will join us as well.
            Happy Traveling in 5 months. No time like the present to prepare though. ;) Can't wait to see your ideas.


Rissa said...

Pack suitcases according to days so that you don't have to hall them all in at the hotel or over whelm your relatives house with them. And of course have the in every day diaper/toiletries/toothbrush bag.

Flip flops or slip ons for in car travel so its easy to get comfortable or run into the gas station.

I like to take chicken salad sandwiches on Costco croissants for car food. I keep the filling in a container in the cooler and prepare as needed. And then something healthy so I don't feel like a sloth when I get to my destination. Oh ginger-ale for carsick tummies.

Yay that you get to go on vacation! I hope you have lots of fun.

Thill family said...

what great ideas!!! Thank you Rissa! I never thought to pack suitcases according to days. This will be a life changer. :)

Thill family said...
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