Friday, January 9, 2015

Strength comes in many forms

I take great comfort in Nelson Mandela's words. How many times have we looked at our life, our situation and thought, "this is impossible!" "this is never going to work" "how can I do this?"
Only to complete the task and find out we can do it. We can do more than we thought possible. We are stronger than we think. This idea brought to mind the following story...
"Years ago a friend of mine spoke of his grandmother. She had lived a full life, always faithful to the Lord and to His Church. Yet one of her grandsons chose a life of crime. He was finally sentenced to prison. My friend recalled that his grandmother, as she drove along a highway to visit her grandson in prison, had tears in her eyes as she prayed with anguish, “I’ve tried to live a good life. Why, why do I have this tragedy of a grandson who seems to have destroyed his life?”
The answer came to her mind in these words: “I gave him to you because I knew you could and would love him no matter what he did.” excerpt from Henry B Eyring To MY Grandchildren.

How about that? "I gave him to you because I knew you could love him no matter what he did." 
This is why we traverse the life we have. This is why we are given our particular hardships. I would like to add to this by saying "I gave you these challenges because I knew you would stay faithful and return to me no matter what."
Our lives are not easy on purpose. They are given to us so we can grow and learn. They are given to us because He knew we could handle them. They are given to us because He trusts us to do the right thing. He trusts that we will do the very best we can and not lose faith in Him.
We shouldn't hate our life. We shouldn't dread the day to come. We should embrace it. We should decided to learn all that is possible in that day. We won't break. We will bend but stand firm. 
Don't look at someone else's life and envy the road that looks easy and well paved. Strive to be YOU not them. 
I often look at other families and envy the way they can take vacations, buy what they want, wear fashionable nice clothes, play games with the whole family, go visit museums, go to the movies etc...
I feel envious of the crafts they create, the extra time they seem to have. It has taken me forever to steal away a few moments to write this. Btw, the house is a disaster. There are couch cushions on the floor. Lunch is still on the table to be cleaned. Laundry is not so patiently waiting to be switched over, There are dirty clothes, toys and a half eaten apple in my living room on the floor. Well, you get the picture. I get envious of clean houses, decorated nicely. Well, I could go on and on.
I have no need to be envious. There are many people who love what I do too. I just don't see that. I see a life filled with struggles, trials and hard times galore.
Comparing my weakness with their strength gets me no where fast. It gets me upset, disillusioned, and depressed.
We are a melting pot of talents and abilities. We all have SOMETHING to offer. What do you have to offer?
Many people couldn't have 20 kiddos. 17 still at home, The oldest being 15. My sweet neighbor has 3 medically fragile children. I am not sure I could handle it as beautifully as her.
The Lord has blessed us with talents specific to us and our abilities. Not to compare to my neighbors but to enhance everyone else's talents and abilities.
We all have something to bring to the table. no one is above anyone else. We are all striving towards the same goals,,,eternal perfection.
Anyway, your family is perfect for you with your craziness, weirdness, ocd, messy house, unorganized self.
I am sure you wouldn't trade your family and I KNOW they wouldn't trade you.
be strong and Be you.

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Nice! I needed to hear this.