Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June is well underway....

at our house. We are having so much fun now that my ankle is getting better. It still hurts and is swollen (I hope that's normal) and it only really hurts on side to side movement and extreme stretching ( my cupboards are a bit too high). Walking doesn't seem to be too much of a problem but not too much walking still.
Besides that! I have been baking like a fool. Who knew cooking could be so much fun.
Okay, maybe John did know that but... We are plugging away at our summer. We are doing lots of scout requirements, picnics, and discovering the joy of being a child all over again! I am not sure who loves summer time or the kids. What a lazy time to relax and listen to the kids laughing (okay, yelling at each other and arguing but, I swear I did briefly hear laughter today, maybe that was me laughing at all of the whining and complaining). We did have a shining moment today, shopping at DI for 1 1/2 could have heard angelic choirs of angels singing during that time as I smirked a little at the other moms' kids throwing tantrums. We are gearing up for our first ever "stay"cation! It is going to be amazing. We are going to Trafalga, McDonalds, Thanksgiving Point, KFC (provided those rain checks ever show up!), Pier 49 Pizza, the movies, This Is the Place, Hogle Zoo, Hiking Ensign Peak, Timp Caves (never been there) and a couple of other things planned. It is going to be great! We are ending the week with a carnival (in our backyard, that we are working on right now) and an outdoor movie. Doesn't that sound great? I am tired just thinking about it all. So....

John and Josh cut wood for Girl's Camp last Friday and this was their dinner Roasted Rabbit

Josh and John fishing while in Scofield

While they were there...(refer to video at the bottom of post)

We were having a light saber war.

The end of a successful bug hunt

While I was busy taking pictures...the kids got a little farther away than I was comfortable with.

We made masks out of cast material (so fun, quick and easy)! Can you tell who is who?
Enjoy the video...I did! I wonder what next week will bring?


Shipley Family said...

First, I love the blog header picture. It's fantastic. Second, do you EVER have time to relax, and finally the video is hilarious. Hope the boys didn't get hurt.

Janan said...

Okay, love the header too! Loved all the fun activities! And finally, one would think the military would have made John tough enough to take a little hail stone! LOL!! Funny! Man, I miss you guys!! Be good!

Alicia said...

I busted a gut laughing at that video! A true scouting experience! I loved that John was out there in flip flops. Thanks for the heads up on that website.

BC Bassi said...

Hi Cayce! This is Brian's wife, Christina. You're such an inspiration to me. 14 kids! Wow! How do you do it? :) I enjoyed looking at your blog. Such a fun family.